I took a look today to see what kinds of searches people have done that landed them here. Mine are no where as entertaining as my DF Heather's, but still one or two are interesting.

First it seems that there are a few people trying to find out about "cubie", or as it's really called "All Year Squared" by Betsy Morgan. If you're here for that you can read about it here, or see better pictures here.

At least one person wanted information on "Patrick's Wood/Sherri Jones" classes. In case you're still wondering, I love Sherri's classes and her designs and I highly recommend you take a class from her if you have the opportunity. And no, I haven't finished any of the pieces from classes I've taken with her.

Then there were a few about certain yarns. The 2 most curious were "big daddy sock doll", "Spirit of Cross Stitch festivals" and "needles in candy". The first one I'm stumped by. I do call my father "Big Daddy" on occasion, but I don't think I've put his name and "sock doll" together. Although, I have mentioned the socks I'm knitting Big Daddy, so maybe that's it.

The "needles in candy" was a big hit around Halloween. Sorry folks, this is relatively a non-kid zone so no discussions on how to keep your young 'uns from eating candy spiked with needles or something equally as atrocious.

Finally Spirit of Cross Stitch. In case you were wondering, there hasn't been one in years. It's really a shame too, because they were fun and you had such wonderful teachers and for those who didn't have a local shop, a great place to shop for supplies. I'm not sure I miss the long days of rushing from one class to another because I didn't have enough sense to realize I was overbooking myself, but I do miss the fun and the atmosphere. Plus, without Spirit, I would never have met the aforementioned Heather.

To those who are more regular readers, thanks for sticking with me when I haven't been such a good blogger at times. For those who are new, welcome! Hope you enjoy your visit and that you'll come back again.
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  1. **sigh** I only got to go to Spirit twice, and I didn't know you then. Would have been kewl to hang out with you!

  2. Jill Says:
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  3. Jill Says:

    I wouldn't know Heather without Spirit of Cross Stitch either!! And you and I may not have become such good friends without it either (even though we still had FSU football to bring us together).

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