No, really I did, but the day got away from me. Actually, the last 3 days I've had good intentions but things just got in my way. I do have a couple of items to bring up before it's Sunday and I've missed another day of blogging.

1. I did manage to finish the tea cozy for class today. That's part of why I haven't blogged. No pictures yet. I need a smaller tea pot. I've been looking, but tomorrow I'm just going to get one. Then there will be pictures.

2. I managed to hook up the new printer. That's good. I can even get the Mac to print on it. That's good too. However, (and you knew there was a however didn't you?) I can't seem to get the PC that's on the network to recognize and print to the printer. I'll try again when I have more patience. Tonight was not that night.

3. I'm still loving the mobius scarf!

4. Myron Rolle, a FSU football player and amazing scholar, was named a Rhodes Scholar tonight! As a fellow 'Nole I'm so excited that this dream of his has come true. If you want to know more about this young man, who I feel has so much to offer our world, read this article.

5. I really do need to finish my "Mrs. Beeton meets Brown" fingerless mitts.Mrs Beeton number 1 finished
This cold weather so early in the season, combined with the fact that I seem to have developed pains in my hands that I didn't have last year, means I need something to keep my fingers warm at work and in my office.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in with their current reads. I love hearing what other people are reading and enjoying. We'll have to do that again some time. Until tomorrow...which has become today (Sunday)...
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  1. This Tech grad was also very proud of the 'nole who became a Rhodes scholar... and that the NCAA and the football program went to such lengths (appropriately, may I add) to accommodate him with his interview. Finally backing up that whole scholar/athlete thing!!!

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