I have nothing to say so I'm going to answer a few questions and the like.

1. geeky Heather - They've discontinued Empress of China. Of course I have almost none when I thought I had a whole bunch. I'm not happy. I must find a suitable substitute. Feel free to make suggestions.

2. Ria - The last 2 on the list are wonderful. I have the Tarocco Ruby Orange Herbal & Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls mix at my desk and me and my fellow tea drinking team mates decided it would be our morning brew. We managed to get 4 brews from "one pot". Thanks to the Jasmine Pearls I'm sure.

3. As a matter of fact Ceramix-boy I did see that amendment and decided to abide by it whether it passed or not. Call me crazy, but maybe the world would be a little better if we all watched the Dr.

4. Jackie, it's NaFinaSweUBnKni4Yr Month of course. Now that's silly.

5. I would love to write a novel some day. I even have an idea. Until then I will console myself that there are some really talented writers out there still and that soon one of my favorites will put out another book. Not that I don't have enough to read. My bookshelves are overflowing as it is, and no there won't be pictures of that.

6. Tomorrow is Friday and I'm glad. I have a few plans for the weekend, but nothing too special. I want to get some things together for the swaps I'm in. Would be nice to get at least 1 of them off in the mail soon.

That's it for this Thursday.
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  1. NooooOOOOOOOooooooo, not Empress of China!!!!!! Well, I remember that I tried this one from SpecialTeas because of Empress. It wasn't the same, but it *was* good. I also like their new Winter Blend. Spicy, but richer than, say, Tazo Chai, and not too spicy.

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