It was one of those long days. You know the kind where you leave the house in the morning at some awful time, say like 6:30 AM, and don't get home until night-time, you know like between 8:30 & 9 PM. (Ok, in the spirit of full disclosure I did stop by the house long enough to grab a sandwich and something to drink and my book I needed for the meeting tonight.)

That being said, I thought earlier today I'd talk some about my upcoming weekend, or the fact that I've been knitting on my sock at stop lights (don't get all crazed, it's during rush hour and really I have the lights timed to how long it takes me to do a round on my sock). Then I thought no, I'd talk about the fact that I have so been enjoying listening to the Tuesday Next series of books on audio book and I'm so excited that I downloaded the 5th, and latest, the other day and started listening to it on the way home. Or that we had 90 people at our middle service at church Sunday and it wasn't a special weekend like Mother's Day, Christmas or Easter. Ninety! And that made our discussion on Wednesday in our planning meeting even more exciting, and more maybe made us start thinking what we need to move to the next level.

But then I got home and I was tired and I had to put in some laundry so I'd have something for this weekend. So, instead, you get this almost stream of consciousness entry that will hopefully not be too boring.
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