Some Monday's feel like Mondays. You know what I mean? Today felt like a Monday at times and at others it was just plain strange. Of course, with a holiday in the middle of the week, things are almost always off kilter.

The best part of today was the yummy Egg Curry my co-worker brought for lunch today. For those who don't know me well, I am a fairly adventurous eater. I draw the lines at only peas and beans, and even then I will sometimes try something different just to see if I'll like it. I love the spices you find in traditional curry. So I was very excited that C. said she'd bring lunch today. I've tried several different curries, and liked them all, but never Egg Curry. It was yummy! Basically hard boiled eggs in a fantastic red and green chili pepper curry gravy. She made rice with cardamom pods and brought some naan to go with it. The best news is she made enough that we'll have it for lunch tomorrow.

Otherwise work was all busy, then trying to find something to do. Although, towards the end of the day it seems I inherited some work that I'm not sure is really my responsibility, but hey, I'm going to do it.

No pictures of the tea cozy yet. I found a tea pot that it will fit, but haven't had a chance to take any pictures. I wish it were a tad longer, but it will work fine I think.

Nothing really exciting happening in my life, but then that's kind of normal. Maybe tomorrow something amazingly exciting will happen. Maybe I'll meet the man of my dreams and he'll sweep me off my feet...oh wait, this is the real world...ok, maybe I'll get all my work done and will manage to have tomorrow evening to do some things that I need to do that aren't work or church related. Yeah, not too exciting to most, but it would make me happy. Enjoy your Tuesday!
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  1. Corrina Says:

    I've been singing that song all day today. In fact it led me on a youtube spree that ended with me listening to a Mama Cass/Julie Andrews duet!

  2. Ria Says:

    The egg curry sounds yummy!!

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