Have you ever thought of a great blog post during the day, only to come home and promptly forget what you thought would be so fascinating for others to read about? Maybe it's the fact that I spent over 3 hours on conference calls today on practically the same subject that has my brain revolting. Or maybe it's because it's almost 1:30 in the morning and I should be asleep but obviously I'm not. Whatever the reason nothing fascinating here today folks. You can probably keep moving along to see something fun and entertaining on some other blog.

If you're still here and you commented on yesterday's "Wink" post let me just say this.

a) I believe I've made the case of non-border collie status, however, if it's easier for you to think of this person as "border collie", then go right ahead.
b) Male
c) Marital Status unknown, but leaning towards single due to 2 facts.
*no wedding ring - which in and of itself is not a solid indicator
*he was staying late tonight to run the job that will produce the raw data we're both going to use Friday to create files with, me for test, him for the production run. The thought here is that he could really do that from home, so if he were married/cohabiting/whatever, he'd go home and do that, but I could be wrong, it's just a guess.
d) He's no Daniel Craig or Hugh Jackman, but he's not that hard on the eyes.
e) I'm going with non-retarded, unless you're talking social skills, then who knows. I do know he's seems smart and apparently knows what he's doing at work.

Well, that was fun. Not sure it means much, but fun. Don't eat too much turkey tomorrow!
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  1. For naming purposes only, until further notice, I have dubbed him "Border Collie". We'll see how it goes from there. As for non-retarded... future behavior toward attractive redheads will have to be a determining factor.

  2. Ria Says:

    I like what Jean said!

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