First, I had no idea there was a NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Post Month this month as well. That's obviously what I'm going to attempt to do. Maybe next year I'll work up to writing the novel, but not this year.

Some weeks I love Monday's others not so much. Today wasn't all that bad. Plus to cap the whole day off I just turned on Lifetime to find that Bridget Jones is on and it's at my favorite 2 scenes. You know the one...where Bridget is at the dinner party with all the lovely marrieds and couples and they ask her why there are so many unmarried women. Seriously, these things happen. For some reason married people seem to think that if you aren't married, or living with someone, or at the very least dating someone, you must be unhappy and there must be something wrong with you. And it's not just married folk. It's so common that it's almost comical, if it weren't sad and sometimes bordering on annoying. That's not to say that I wouldn't love to meet my own Mr. Darcy, because believe me, I would. The trouble is there really aren't that many people who actually like you "just as you are".

All this sounds like I'm a little down, but to be honest, I actually feel pretty good about things right now. Work is good and I'm hopeful that they might ask for me to stay past Dec. 31st. When I left work today there was a cool breeze blowing and I love this time of year. Plus, I managed to get my existing PC networked in to the new wireless network that I got when I got the shiny new Mac. (Which still needs a name. I haven't felt inspired yet, but maybe soon. If you have a suggestion, let me know.)

I'll leave you with some great eye candy. Some of you, who have stuck with me in my attempt to blog, will remember the lovely flowers from early in my blogging days that bloom at night. Well, they put on a show a couple of weeks ago and I haven't had a chance to show you what we saw. Hope you enjoy the Night Blooming Cereus
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