I ended up taking an old fashioned Sunday drive today. It was nice to get away and do exactly what I wanted to do and not get in any hurry to do it. To top it all off we found a great little place for Sunday brunch in Starke. Seriously, in Starke. There have been good restaurants in Starke for years, but this one was new to me. They had great home cooked food and I highly recommend the fried chicken. Plus the price was reasonable. It wasn't a huge buffet, but it had plenty of good, home cooked food to choose from, plus some cakes and cookies to top off a really good meal. So, if you find yourself driving through Starke, FL take a turn on E. Call St. and find Charlotte's Bistro.

The rest of the day was spent shopping; a little Fresh Market, a little yarn store (Hanks), a little bead shop (Avalon) and finally a cup of Peppermint Mocha Twist (YUM!). In between the shopping that occurred, I did manage to knit on my "O Dublin" socks. Got home in time to watch the end of the race in Phoenix and then worked some more on the tea cozy. It's so close. Now that I know how I want to finish it it's going along pretty quickly.

I'll have pictures of the stash enhancement from today later this week. My aunt & uncle from MI will be stopping by to spend the night Tuesday on their way to spend the winter in Melbourne. Plus I have meetings scheduled at church for every night this week. Thankfully today was a great way to get ready for everything that will be going on this week. Hope everyone else had a great weekend and took some time to relax and do something they enjoy.
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  1. Ria Says:

    Sounds like a fun sunday!

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