I think the entire world knows that here in the US we had ourselves and election today. I did what I've done every election since 1984, I voted. Now when I say that I don't just mean the big ones, like today's, I mean EVERY election. I haven't missed a primary since I became old enough to vote. So today was for me, just another opportunity to voice my opinion by voting for the people I think would do the best job, oh and on a few state constitutional amendments along with a few things that dealt with our local county's government. That happened all over the nation, but I wonder, how many people who went to vote today actually took the time to find out about those amendments and judges and all the other things they might have had a vote in?

I wonder because when I went to vote a woman came in and was asking some questions that got me thinking. First, she wanted to know if you could vote if you weren't registered. Couldn't you just show your driver's license and get a ballot? The poll worker said that no, you can't just show your drivers license and get to vote. At which point the woman continued and asked why not? It was proof that you are who you say you are. The poll worker, who was a very nice woman, again said that in this state you have to be registered and you have to register ahead of time. At this point the woman, who was there to vote, started to question why you would have to pre-register, that didn't seem to fair. Everyone should be allowed to vote. I think the poll worker was getting a little upset and wondering what point this woman was trying to make. It's not like there was a line of people, I mean I just walked up, proved I was me and got my ballot. And it's not like the woman wasn't registered. So the poll worker says, "Here's the deal, in this state we like to know that the people voting actually have the right to vote, and we don't think it's too much to ask that anyone follow the rules and register at least 29 days prior to the election they want to vote in. Because if we just allowed you to show a drivers license you could vote here, then drive up to GA and show them a drivers license and vote, then head to SC and vote and we'd have no way of verifying you are who you say you are. Does that make sense?" It was a good answer, at least I thought so. But what really got me thinking is then she switched and asked "If I don't vote fore everything will my ballot still count?" I'm not sure what bothered me more. The fact that the woman didn't know the answer to her own question, or the fact that she probably only felt that oe part of the election had any importance and was only there to vote for that part.

All that being said, whatever happens it's still worth it to go and vote every time they open the polls, at least I think so.

On a lighter note, I worked on my tea cosy for a class I'm teaching later this month and watched Anne of Green Gables. I've got the 1st DVD for the "new" Dr. Who that I'm also watching tonight. Am I fun or what?
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  1. Well, *I* think you're fun. =)

    And I know what you mean about the amendments and stuff...it drives me crazy. One of the questions facing us was whether to give the library system some insane amount of money. Now, you would think that would be a good thing...the library gets more money! But the problem is, it was to be earmarked to build a new branch, which the library has said it does not want, PLUS it wouldn't be enough money to completely construct the branch, anyway! When I looked at our district (we vote at a public housing retirement home), 98% voted to pass it. *sigh*

  2. Ceramix Says:

    You spotted the little amendment at the bottom of the ballot that said watching that quirky British Sci-Fi show was now going to be compulsory?

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