Yes, it's November, crazy as that sounds because I'm fairly sure that yesterday it was June or something. (Ok, maybe it's just felt like June but still, November? Really?) Before I forget, (TMTI)Heather and I had deemed this month "Fall Finishing Frenzy" month, figuring we'd have stuff to finish for gifts and the like. Now I'm not sure about H, but I've actually got a few things that need to be finished. Some could even be gifts. Most are ornaments that I've finally found backing material for. I need a serious day of just working on them. Not sure when that will happen.

In finishing news I wanted to let you see pictures of the infamous "cubie". I believe I mentioned that H. and I had agreed to do our finishing at ASG. (This will NEVER happen again. We will finish it before or after, but never again at. Although I must admit having someone to share the craziness that was the finishing of this particular piece was nice.) I finally sat down today and finished the tassel on my fob and took some pictures. So....

So, that's the entire thing. All stuffed and fixed and put together. It really is very adorable. I ended up putting the spot for the scissors in a different place then she said in her directions, mainly because somehow I couldn't find the piece of ultra-suade that was supposed to be with my kit and had to use some from my own stash. But it all worked out and I'm happy with it which in my book is all that really counts. Oh, and apparently I can't read directions because those with a very discerning eye will note that part of the top is done with 2 strands of silk and she only called for 1. (I'm not upset about it though since I really like the way it looks.)

Tonight I worked on Eileen Bennett's piece from ASG, Little Green Acorns. I'm trying to help DF Jean in her loss of stitching and knitting mojo by working it with her. Managed to finish the top portion and do the 1st of the bands.

The squirrel looks kind of odd. I think it looks like it has little squirrel boots on. Still it's cute. That's a lot of knots to make it's little body. That's also a lot of backstitching or double backstitch or whatever I ended up doing on all that, plus some Queen stitches thrown in for good measure. All in all, pretty. I went ahead and put 2007 at the top as the date I started, and will date it when I finish at the bottom.

I'd like to think I could manage NaBloPoMo, but I'm not sure I can do that and so I have not signed up saying I'd even try. Although I have a better chance of that then NaNoSweMo. I don't think finishing a sweater in November counts. Sigh.... maybe one year.
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  1. Jill Says:

    They are beautiful. I'm glad that these pictures came out better than your framed pieces - they were not done justice!

  2. I can attest to the beauty of the cubie, having seen it in person. And you have no clue as to the work that went into the finishing!!! Well done.

  3. Karoline Says:

    Your cubie is gorgeous, congratulations

  4. Mindi Says:

    Your cube is gorgeous! I've never seen one like that before.

  5. Susan Says:

    What a beautiful cube. Congratulations on a lovely finish (I found your blog through Heather's You Make Me Smile post).

  6. Carol Says:

    Great job Teresa!! Told you you could do it!!!

    Carol B.

  7. siobhan Says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!! Wow, that is fabulous. YGG!

  8. betsy Says:

    great job teresa! i love the way you changed the fob - using two colors of linen and adding the rabbit. why didn't you contact me about the missing suede? i told you in class to let me know if you needed anything! bad stitcher, bad bad!!! [actually, very GOOD stitcher 8^)]

  9. codi Says:

    Girl with Needles,

    I saw your "Cubies" piece posted on the World's Largest Collection of Smalls and subsequently found your shots of the completed project. Is this a new pattern that is not released or is it something that is out of print? I love it. If you have any information on where I can find this pattern, I would truly appreciate it. Thank you, Codi

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