...but they are finally framed. Hence they get some blog space. (Well that and I'm tired and the whole nor'eastern storm thing always puts me off doing much of anything except sleep. And yes, I realize what time it is, I'm getting to bed soon!)

On to the eye candy.

This would be Charm Garden. Don't ask me when I finished it, it was several years ago. It's by Just Nan and all those lovely charms just set the whole thing off.

The every lovely Beach Roses, also by Just Nan.

(The cup is from some dishware I traded my paternal grandmother for. She got a set of Corelle, I got her very lovely 1930's dishes. She thought I was crazy, I think I got the best of the deal.)

Finally Last Stitches by, you guessed it, Just Nan. (I didn't mean for this to be an all JN posting, but it kind of happened that way.) I did actually put the last stitch of this piece in on Dec. 31, 1999. How said is it that it's been setting, unframed for that long. Well not as sad as the part where I confess that I also put stitches in "First Stitches" on Jan. 1, 2000 and that's all that's ever been done on that piece, that's sad...really, really sad.

I love them all, but I have to say a special "Thank You" to the wonderful Vicky B. She did all the stretching and framing for me. I bought the frames you see on Last Stitches and Charm Garden when I was visiting in July. The problem was I didn't have the stitched pieces to leave with her so they got sent with DF Jill when she came for the FSU-'Bama game in Sept. By that time I couldn't remember if I got the gold frame for Charm Garden or Beach Roses, they are almost the same stitched size, so I sent both with Jill with the instruction for Vicky to put whichever one looked best in her opinion. When she got them she thought she had the perfect frame for Beach Roses, so she just framed it and told me if I didn't like I could send it back and she's take it apart. First of all, Vicky is a very talented stitcher and finisher and has wonderful taste, so I had no doubt I'd love what she'd done. I was right! Isn't it lovely?!?!

Now I just have to figure out where to hand these pieces. I'm thinking of starting a "JN" wall. I'll let you know what I decide.
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  1. Karoline Says:

    Your JN pieces look gorgeous, lovely framing.

  2. Heather Says:

    The frame for Beach Roses is too perfect!! They are all beautiful.

  3. I have seen these in person and I must say that they're all absolutely stunning! And yes, Vicky had wonderful taste and is the best finisher ever!

  4. Vicky Says:

    A blushing Vicky thanks you all!! I am so glad you liked them Teresa!

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