in which there was much rejoicing as my college football team won against University of Alabama, I find myself very blah. Blah because it has rained since Sunday afternoon. Today is worse then yesterday was. In fact, it's raining quite heavily right now. Not that we don't need the rain. Rain is good, it means the likelihood of a fire goes down. But this is what the weather people call a "nor'eastern" which means is well...blah. Not a lot of sunshine mixed with the rain. Just rain. Since I haven't quite finished the top of my "cubie" I won't regale you with that.

October's theme is "Obligation October". Which really has to do with anything you need to finish for Christmas presents. I'm not sure what I'll be stitching on. I do know I'm still trying to get my cardigan finished before I leave for Louisville on the 18th. It may happen, but I'm becoming doubtful. I also have some socks to finish for an exchange. Worked on them last night some. The only other thing I've been thinking of for a present is for my aunt. I may get that done for her for Christmas. I'm not feeling very Christmas-like, probably because of the rain. Maybe soon.
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  1. you can send some rain up here to the ATL. we could sure use it. :) See ya in a couple of weeks! woo hoo!

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