I knew it was Monday by the way I felt when I woke up. It didn't get any better either, but that's neither here nor there and is not at all why you read my blog or anyone elses, so I won't dwell.

I wish I had a lot to tell you about all the lovely stitching and knitting I did this weekend, but I don't. I did knit on my Lyton cardi on the way to Tallahassee to see my Seminoles win another football game. My friend Sharon and I went over. Sharon's daughter, Anna is at FSU again this year. She's doing well there and is beginning to really get into being "at college". We took her to lunch before the game and did a little shopping at Bill's Bookstore. The game was fun, even with the 49 minute delay due to storms in the area that had lightening. We waited it out and I'm glad. I have this thing about leaving a football game before the clock has "double zeros". The drive back wasn't too bad, we kept ourselves awake talking and listening every once in awhile to the LSU-Gator game on the radio. Arrived home in time to see if LSU really had scored a touchdown to win the game in the last minute. There's really nothing as exciting as college football! Especially if you grew up in the south.

Sunday I worked on a little piece I hope to have done for my aunt's Christmas present. Not sure if I've mentioned it before and I'm sure I haven't taken a picture. Must do that. It's a fun, easy piece from Silver Needle. It was the Secret Needle Night piece from May 2006 and was a birthday present from my DF Vicky. I never get these kits, but I'm always intrigued by them. They always are so cute and seem to have such great fibers in them. Plus they look like they'd stitch up fairly quickly. This one sure has. I figured it went with this month's theme, since it's supposed to be a gift.

The only other news is about my hand. I think I am developing some arthritis in my right hand. This is especially bad since I'm right handed. I'm trying not to let it keep me from stitching or knitting or other things, but it's a little painful. I don't think all the rain last week has helped. I've taken some OTC meds and that has helped some. Hopefully it will go away for awhile. Doesn't it realize I have a stitching weekend coming up very soon????

Jill has suggested, after seeing the bag of stitched items that I really do need to do finishing for, that I should declare Tuesday's as finishing night until further notice. Tuesday's has been ornament night. I'm not sure I want it to not be ornament night. But I also want to have these ornaments finished so they'll look pretty on my little tree. Last year it was nice, but it would look FANTASTIC with even more ornaments. I'll see how I feel tomorrow and let you know.
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  1. Finishing??? What is this Finishing of which you speak?? lalalalalalalala......

    We're all about *starting*.

    We are serial *starters*. Finishing never enters into it.

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