but I haven't downloaded them. So you'll have to just hear what's happening until I can manage to get pictures taken and actually downloaded from my camera.

First, my hand is feeling better. Thankfully. Although I've been trying not to do much to aggravate it. Seriously, I have to be able to stitch next weekend. That's what ASG is all about. Ok, so it's also about seeing friends, eating and finding the best chocolate desert we can find, but there is some stitching as well. Really, there is. I'm sure of it. I know I've seen other people stitch while there, and I'm fairly certain I've even stitched some myself in years past. Considering how I really want to work on several different stitching projects, and considering how the descriptions of the projects for this year sound, I'm sure I'll have plenty to keep me busy.

But I digress...I've been working on some actual finishing for items I've stitched lately. Had a few minutes this evening to sit down and start putting the braid around one of my ornaments that I sewed up and stuffed last night. Actually sewed and stuffed 2 ornaments last night. Need to make some cording for the other one. I'm fairly resigned to the fact that I won't manage to get my "cubie" put together before I leave for ASG next week. Right now my plan is to take it with me to do the finishing in the room. I'm trying to talk Heather into bringing her stitched "cubie" with her and having a finishing party one night. I think it's do-able.

Tonight I had dinner with some friends, kind of a "pot luck" except we all knew what we were to bring. (Yummy pot roast, mashed potatoes - from me, green bean casserole, bread and cheesecake for desert. Oh and a couple or 3 bottles of good wine!) Anyway, I took my Lynton cardi. with me to work on. Managed to get a few rows in while we sat around and talked. Then it was all about the food and talk. Came home and did some more while I watched my beloved Seminoles loose to Wake Forest...sigh...I really do dislike college football on Thursday nights. Anyway, I did knit and I don't think it's hurt the hand, so I'll take a every spare minute to knit on it in the hopes of meeting the goal I set. Stay tuned!
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  1. Stitching at ASG??? What is this stitching?? :)

    Last I heard it was eating too much, laughing, snarking at people who desperately need snarking at, and spending too much money. A perfect weekend, if you ask me. :)

    See you Thursday!

  2. Kathe Says:

    'Bout the game... yeah, sorry about that.

    Kathe the Deacon

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