That's the way I like to think about today and it's position in the week. I'm 2 days and a wake-up call away from going on a short vacation, a long weekend if you will. (You know, ASG - A Stitchers' Gathering - I've mentioned it at least once in the last couple of weeks.) So today was busy, not just because it was Monday.

The beauty of working from home is that getting ready for a trip is really a whole lot easier. I can get in the office, do the things that HAVE to get done, and then do stuff to get ready to leave. Things like finish a purse that I knitted but haven't gotten around to lining. Not that doing that should take the entire day. No, it shouldn't. But not only did I work on it all day, I didn't finish. In my defense I also answered the phone and make lunch and dinner and did some laundry, and some other things that escape my memory right now. Oh, and I sewed it up the wrong way. Yeah, that's the real issue. I sewed up what I thought was the bottom, but what turned out to be the top. And to top it all off, I'd sewn in a pocket for my cell phone to reside in when I'm not talking on it and of course I put that in not just the wrong place, but also upside down. I tell you, when this is done I'm going to be so happy. Well, not just because of the finishing problems, but also because it's a very cool purse and I love the colors, all fall/autumn like. So, no pictures of it yet, but I promise if by some miracle I manage to get it put together tomorrow, I'll take pictures.

I also have 1 more ornament to finish from the exchange this year. I really wanted to take them all with me to show off , put in the gallery on Sunday for others to see. Still hopeful on that count, since it's just a pillow ornament with some ruffled trim and it's all cut out. Maybe I can manage to get it finished.

The best news is I have laid out all my clothes and just need to figure out which piece of luggage I'm taking and get it packed. I'd love to say I won't have to check anything, but that's unreasonable for me. I'll be checking my bag. I'll also have a new carry-on to take. Saturday mom & I went to the mall to check out a few things, and the Lancome people at Dillards were having a give-away with purchase PLUS you could buy this very cool bag with FAA approved sized bottles for shampoo and stuff. So, my mother bought it for me. It's really pretty and nice and big. Can't wait to see how much stuff I can get in it. For years I've carried this canvas backpack from Liz Claiborn that I love. Actually it goes on car trips too. It's been to Israel, Egypt and back, not to mention more then it's share of FSU football weekends. She hates it. Has been trying to get me to use a different bag for years now. But it has great sentimental value, plus I know how to pack it and get LOADS of stuff in it. I think the fact that I showed interest in this bag and said what a great carry-on it would make was enough to make her jump for joy, or buy it for me. She chose to go with the buying part. She's nice like that. The rest of the mall trip was ok. She found some clothes. I found a book. Nothing spectacular. Still, it was shopping and that's always a good thing!
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  1. I've always found a little retail therapy makes the time go faster....

    See you Thursday!

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