On the surface these two things do have anything in common, however this weekend they seemed to go together quite well.

Friday I headed over to Tallahassee for FSU's Homecoming weekend. Got a later start then I wanted, but still made it in time to pick up sweet Anna and take her to dinner. (Anna is a "former" youth at my church and her mom & I are friends.) It may have been a few years since I was a student at FSU as Anna is, I still remember that it's fun to get visitors, especially if they will feed you. Mind you all my visitors were my parents, but that's not the point here. We had a good meal and she caught me up on her classes and told me about the mission trip she hopes to go on this spring/summer to Africa.

After I dropped Anna back at her dorm, I headed over to the friends home where Jill & I were fortunate enough to stay this weekend. Gregg & Traci are actually friend's of Jill's, but I like to think they've become my friends as well. They are both wonderful and have a lovely home. Jill was late getting in because of how late she left work, but that have G, T & I time to sit and talk. Mainly about books, but I'm sure there were other subjects. Jill arrived quite late, so the next morning we got kind of a late start, but all 4 of use went to breakfast and I proceeded to stuff myself with yummy food that wasn't exactly the most healthful choice.

Traci had a massage appointment (lucky Traci, sounded like a fantastic idea), so we dropped her off then decided, fairly spur of the moment to check out a yarn store Gregg knew about. (Ok, backstory, Gregg is a potter, so he totally gets the whole tactile thing with yarn and fibers. This is a good thing. Plus he knows the husband of the woman who owns the store.)

It's been years since I was over in what is now Railroad Square Art Park. It's a bit different, but still has that great funky feel you get in college towns. (If you click on the link you get to see some of the great places in the park and even a shot of yarn at the store.) The store is named Really Knit Stuff and is lovely, as is the proprietress Paula. I highly recommend stopping in and visiting this great store. There were some ladies knitting at the table in the shop and they were happy to have us sit down with them and chat while Paula wound our yarn. Yes, we bought yarn! Of course we did. And I have pictures. They are all separated because I'm trying to upload my stash to Ravelry and figured I could start with the new stuff coming in the door.

First the sock yarns...(I know, I know, sock yarns mean I should knit more socks. Well give me a chance will you.)

Lovely Loden from Cherry Tree Hill

Yummy Tea Green, also from Cherry Tree Hill.

And last, but by no means least, Serengeti, by you guessed it Cherry Tree Hill.

Let me explain why I HAD to get the first 2 (because I'm sure you can see by the loveliness of the 3rd why I had to get it. I mean really, it's fabulous. So fab that Jill also bought some.) You see there was a sale and I can't pass up a good sale and let's just say, they ended up being a price I couldn't turn down.

Lastly I bought 2 skeins of a "new to me" yarn from Barlett Yarns. It's loverly! I'm not sure exactly what I'll make, but I totally saw it as a purse of some sort, probably a cable somewhere in it. The 2 skeins will give me 420 yards and at 5.60 each skein after the sale, that's awesome. Oh, the color is called Lovat. (What a great Scot-inspiring name. The picture doesn't show the tweediness of this yarn and you certainly can't smell the great wool smell.) It's just wonderful. Can't wait to see how it knits up.

Well that's the knitting haul from the weekend. The evening was capped off by a win in football by my alma mater. As is our tradition, Jill & I stuck around after the game to watch The Marching Chiefs perform their post-Homecoming game show. They always end with "The Hymn to the Garnet and the Gold" which I like a lot more then our actual alma mater song. It totally caps off Homecoming for me. So glad we decided to stick around.

Came home today to some chores, mainly laundry. I'm also a bit behind in getting my Hogwarts sock finished. All this travel has not been as conducive to knitting as I thought it would be. It would be so much easier if I could knit and drive at the same time, but alas I've not figured out how.
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  1. And I *told* you FSU would beat Duke! :)

    Yarn is pretty. Me likes the Serengeti.

  2. Heather Says:

    What a great haul. The Green Tea is to die for!!!

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