On Monday I participated in "The Great Doctor Visit Relay Race". This consists of being told multiple times that you have a doctor's appointment 36 miles from our house to the office in Jacksonville beside St. Vincent's Hospital. That's ok, I don't mind driving that far for my father to see a really good doctor. So, Monday we get there and find out that no, his appointment was really in Orange Park at their office that we DROVE RIGHT PAST on the way to St. V's. Luckily we were fairly early and had time to make it back to Orange Park and get to his appointment only 15 minutes late. And thankfully the nurses called and let that office know that there had been a mix-up. Apparently someone didn't tell me that the doctor had changed which office he'd be at that day.

We had planned on going by the used bookstore, the really BIG used bookstore, that houses all the great book "crack". This is one of my favorite stores to spend time in, and if you're ever in the Jacksonville area I highly recommend a trip to Chamblin's Bookmine . It's gloriously full of books. We ended up going back that way since my dad was without reading material and that could have meant the end of the world, or something similar as he might have had to find something to do with his time other then read. I always check the knitting and other crafts aisle and happened across this....I've been wanting this book for awhile, but haven't purchased. Couldn't pass up the 1/2 price, especially since I did have credit to cover the cost. I've already decided I need to make the Petal bibs for baby shower gifts.

My friend Jill is here for the FSU vs. 'Bama game tomorrow. We're tailgating with friends, as I think I've already mentioned. Made some macaroni salad this morning and will make more food later tonight. Right now we're off to run some errands and maybe hit Chamblin's. (Jill likes the books too!) Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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  1. You are making brownies, right?

    Have fun!

  2. Heather Says:

    Wow, what a great find!!! The last used bookstore I went to had exactly 1 knitting book.

    Have fun, and don't get into too much trouble! ;)

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