As promised....

The top on I took without a flash, the bottom one with a flash. The bottom one actually shows the color better. But, since I didn't get a chance to retake the photos, this is what you're stuck with.

For those who were wondering about my dad, he went back to the G.I. doctor yesterday. He's quite pleased with how well daddy looks. Said more then once he thought daddy's color was more normal. I've noticed he is looking less like death warmed over and more like a living person lately. The doctor said he feels the iron therapy is working and that he's also not loosing blood anymore from the AVM's. He'll have to go next month for a blood test to see what his levels are. He also has an appointment with his heart specialist on the 24th so they can all decide whether he should go back on Coumadin or not. Until that's decided he'll stay off it. His G.I. doctor doesn't want him to go back on it because of the bleeding, but we'll have to see what the heart specialist has to say because of the atrial fibrillation.

In further stitching news, I worked on the Summer block of "cubie" again tonight. I'm down to the "ribbon" portion at the bottom. I'm leaving the lily flowers to the end. She gave us 3 different ideas on how to do them, none of which are thrilling options and I might add, none of which she gave directions for. I'll probably go with bullion stitch, but only because I have directions for those right there in my bag since that's all that's left on the Indigo Rose piece I have out to work on this month. The other likely choice is detached buttonhole. I might just do that, if only because my friend Judy hates that stitch and I don't mind it all that much. I'll decide when I get to it.

Lastly, for some reason I think I've lost my mind even more then normal. I said to my mom yesterday that I needed to email my friend Melody about this Sunday's guild meeting. Obviously I was momentarily crazy and thought it was October already. Now, I'm looking forward to October. October means a trip to Louisville for ASG, time spent with my friends, some of whom I only see there. However, I'm really not in favor of the year going any faster then it's been going already. In fact, I wouldn't mind if things slowed down a bit. I know, that's asking way too much, but it was worth thinking.
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  1. Please don't make the year go any faster! The "C" word is approaching quickly enough as it is!

    Glad Big Daddy is doing better.

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