Apparently I'm on one with "cubie"/"All Year Squared". As I stated last night, I managed to finish the Spring side. So with no further ado....
Isn't it precious with the bunnies and the flutterbi-s? I think the butterflies were supposed to be the same color, but that didn't really work for me. Plus, I love the yellow ones we see around here all the time and last year we saw one in that violet/purple color in the yard. Like with the frog, I haven't put the beads on the eyes. Don't want them to get messed up.

Even though I got home late tonight (after a day spent driving from practically one end of town to the other...and in Jacksonville, FL that can be a fair distance), I attempted to start on the bottom square. Let me state for the record that I started watching the PBS series "The War" by Ken Burns. (If you haven't watched this, you should. It's amazingly well done and tells the story of the war in a very different way, very personal, while still giving you the glimpses of the atrocities that happened. I wanted to watch because they talk not just about the European theater, but also the war fought in the Pacific and specifically the events that surrounded the bombing and sinking of the ship my maternal grandfather served on and died on.) So anyway, the bottom is composed of my initials and the year. and then a diagonal upright cross variation over 4 and then the double wrapped stitch around the entire thing. So I thought I'd be smart, and work my first initial, then count down and work some of the outline to figure out where to start my diagonal upright cross variation (DUCV for short). It was really cooking, moving right along, threads flying, needles skimming through the fabric with ease. The PBS show went off. We ran the tape back and started watching "Dancing With The Stars". (This is the only "reality" show I've ever really gotten in to. I mean, DWTS is just cool!) So here I am...stitching away and I get to the point where I can put in my "B", having worked some of the border and some of the DUCV, and what do I realize....yep, I miscounted. Of course it's way back at where the DUCV starts. I added an extra wrapped double backstitch set over 4 threads...I'm not 4 threads off. There's only 1 way to fix. FROG! Hey, at least the "T" was still right!

(After sitting through that little pity party, you deserve something pretty to look at....)Aren't they so pretty all lined up in order? So, tomorrow night I have a meeting and Wed. I always have band. Thursday my DF Jill arrives for the big football doings this weekend here in Jax. (For those not in the know, FSU (Jill & my alma mater) will be playing Alabama (as in "Roll Tide") The game of "dynasties" as some are calling it, although both FSU and Alabama have seen better days when it comes to football.) With both 'bama and the 'Noles looking to achieve the glory of years past (they still revere "Bear" Bryant, and we have our own guy by the name of Bobby Bowden with some glory attached to their names) this should be fun. We're planning some MAJOR tailgating action Saturday. I might even have some pictures. Even with all that going on, I may, just may, be able to finish the stitching on this one. The putting together, that's another story. I'm forgoing work on other stitching projects right now in favor of this one.

There is some minor knitting going on, but I'm going to have to buckle down on the Lynton sweater. I'm stalled on the back. I think I only have a couple of inches to go until I can bind off, but I need to measure. I didn't take it with me today when I went with my dad to the cardiologist. Took the August dishcloth instead. (Yes, I'm well aware it's almost the end of Sept., but I started a month late, so technically I'm not really behind...yet.) If, and this is a BIG IF, I can get the stitching done on "cubie", then I can knit on the sweater on Sunday while I watch football and racing. That should put a dent in the sweater.

Wow, the month is almost gone and I've not touched a couple of items on my list, not to mention I need to start thinking about October...and ASG...and seeing friends!

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  1. I'm tres impressed to see all the cubie action!

    Dude - you sure you want to post pics of the tailgating action? That sounds like good blackmail material to me.....

  2. Heather Says:

    Beautiful, T!! And kudos for actually stitching the bottom...I couldn't bring myself to do it and just outlined it!!!

  3. Grant Says:

    Hope you have fun with your friend this weekend!

    Do please let me know how it went with your dad at the Docs.

  4. Anita Says:

    These designs are very unique. I don't recongize the designer/designs at all. I love the rose piece on your posted on Sept 21.

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