I know, you're disappointed that I didn't get any pictures taken. Sorry, you'll have to deal with it the best way you know how. I had a day that ended well, after not starting out all that nicely. But we won't dwell on the bad.

The good was going to knit-in. It was relaxing and we managed to break rule #11. If you don't know what the rules are, then you should stop by KnitWitz some time and check them out. (Or maybe Kathe will post them on her blog after she gets home from training next week? Yes, that's a hint, do with it what you will.) I managed to work on my mate for the 1st pathway sock from Cat Borhdi's new book. Have I told you how much I like her book? Have I said how I absolutely love that she teaches you something new with a pair of tiny socks? You may be asking yourself what you'll do with all those tiny socks for babies. I'll be storing them to put with baby shower gifts. I mean, they are perfect for that. Just one idea. I also worked on my Lynton cardi. Came home and worked on it while watching t.v. I'm still working on the back, but I'm shaping the armholes now. There is definitely an end in sight. I actually think I might have it finished by my deadline. That would be so exciting!

I have a couple of other deadlines to work on this week too. Must get those finished. Must find some energy to do them all. Perhaps going to sleep would help. I'm very aware that it's currently 1:20 AM or so at my house. I'm also aware that I really should get up fairly early in the morning to run to the bank since I didn't get to make my deposit this afternoon after waiting for over 40 minutes. Something about having only 1 teller and a computer problem. Oh, and then there's football tomorrow that must be watched. The worst part is my team won't even start playing until 10 PM my time, it will be a few hours earlier where they'll be playing. At least the game will be televised. I can knit while sitting in bed, right up until I get so tired I become scared I'll poke my eye out with the needles. We'll have to see how well I can stay awake for that game. We'll also have to see how well they play this week. There are so many reasons I'm not too sure they'll win, but that won't keep me from cheering for them, so.... GO 'NOLES!
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  1. Haven't checked scores yet, but I hope your 'Noles did better than my Jackets....

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