Tuesday's seem to be an odd day around my house lately. Not exactly sure why. Today was no different. I can't tell you exactly what made it odd, it just seemed that way to me. Of course, some of my friends may be thinking that it's not the day, it's more me. That could be true. Not to mention that today was 9/11. It's a hard day for so many people. I was blessed not to have lost a loved one or friend that day. But like many, I took time today to thank God for those who serve each day to try and make our lives a little safer. From the soldiers, sailors and air men & women to those who check our bags at the airport, I'm thankful that they are there to do a hard and often thankless job.

In other news, I actually finished putting my little turtle scissor fob together this evening. I finished it quite a bit differently then the model. Added some beads in the finishing to match the way I finished scissors sleeve. I'll try and get a picture tomorrow when there's some decent daylight.

Continuing with theme of "smalls" I worked on the Summer panel of "cubie". The frog is finished and I've started on the lily pads. Yes, I'll take a picture of that as well when I get the camera out tomorrow.

This weekend I went to the first FSU home football game of the season. Thankfully we won! It wasn't pretty, but it was a win and to be honest that's really all I cared about. I worked some on my pal's HP sock on the way over and on the Lynton jacket for a bit when we were heading home. Most of that was while we sat in the parking lot waiting to get into traffic and then through town while I still had some light. I did find that I'm beginning to be able to knit without having to look, or in this case in the dark. The problem came with knowing which row I was on so I could decrease. So far I've managed 11" of the back. That's more then half-way! Yes, I'm excited. Of course I haven't worked on it since, but my dad has a doctor appointment in the morning so I'll take that with me to work on while we wait.

No other news, which is probably a good thing. Now, if only the weather would get cooler....
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  1. Looking forward to the pics! Hope the doctor's appointment goes well.

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