To distract you from the fact that I haven't posted in almost a week I bring you pictures...
This would be a halfway decent picture of a 3 sided piece that has a very long history. It's the 1998 Commemorative Scissor Fob from Spirit of Cross Stitch. I'm sure that takes a few of you back.Here's another side. Don't you love my bunny? I though he'd do a fine job holding the fob. So, more on the story. I actually had this stitched in 1998, as you can tell from the next picture.
But for some reason I didn't manage to put it together. Well, if the truth were to be told it was more I was too scared to try and put it together. The finishing isn't all that hard, but back then I hadn't done much finishing. So, maybe last year, or the year before I found it in my stash and decided to put it together. Somehow I had a VERY LONG piece of twisted cording for it that I used and got it all done, except stuffed. At which point apparently I put it away until I could get to the bag of poly. I have. When I was going through all my stash for "September Smalls" month I found it and thought why not get this piece completely finished. So, here it is. It really is very pretty. I have no idea what I'll do with it. Right now it's sitting in a bowl with a couple of other smalls I have.

The rest of this week has been taken up with working on this...
That's the bookshelf my uncle made for the end of our kitchen island when he redid the countertops. That's with 2 coats of stain. I know, it looks kind of red now. The stain is "Dark Mahagony" or something like that. It will eventually turn black. That's eventually, after several more coats of stain. I wanted the black because, even though you can't tell, there is a black fleck in the countertops and we're looking at grey and black tile for the back-splash along the countertops and under the counters along the wall. So, it will all work together...eventually...when I've got enough coats on it.

The bad part is that between the weather we've had and the smell from the staining that's going on in the kitchen I've developed a migraine. So far, its staying somewhere around halfway bearable. Although this morning it descended into "must find a bed and cool sheets" for awhile before some medication kicked in.

Oh, I almost forgot! I finished something else last night....
Meet the "summer" panel for "cubie", or "All Year Square". That's right I finished. (If you want to see it a little larger, you can click on the picture to make it bigger, btw.) In the class she told us we could use several different options for the lily flowers. One was bullion knots, another was detached buttonhole. Now, knowing that I have something like 24 bullion knots to do on the pin cushion from Indigo Rose, I decided that if I did more here I wouldn't want to think about those. So, I opted for detached buttonhole. The only thing I haven't done is put the beads on the frog for his eyes. I don't want them to get messed up, so I'll wait until I'm ready to put it together. In a show of optimism, I started on the "spring" panel after I finished this one. Not much done, just the first row of long-arm cross and part of an "A". I've left this one for last since it has the rabbits on it, and I love bunnies so much that I thought it would spur me on to the finish. We'll see.

The weekend is looking interesting. I'm hoping the weather will be nice, but not sure what to expect. We've had lots of rain this week, which we needed, and they say we'll get more tomorrow. I'm not going to complain. My football team isn't playing this weekend, but we'll have a big game next week. I'm also hoping I'll do a little better with the blogging. But now you're all caught up!
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  1. Heather Says:

    Yay commemorative fob! (I found mine whilst stash organizing and thought...now how long would it take me to finish that?? Even though I've stitched nothing since the class...) AND a cute bunny...you're forgiven for not posting in a week. =)

    Yay cookbook shelves!! They will look really cool black...

    YAY CUBIE!! Your water lilies look really lovely!

  2. Cubie and fob look excellent. Kudos on the home improvement effort! Hope the migraine is better (that weather down there isn't helping -- have you seen Jim Cantore lately?).

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