Seriously, I'm totally off by a day this week. I know, that's what happens when Monday is a holiday. But still, I usually can figure it out by the Wednesdays. Not this week. I completely forgot that I have both a standing meeting and band practice on Wednesdays. Oh, I remembered it at some point today, even told someone I had band practice and a meeting. But when it came right down to it, I forgot. I think it had something to do with going to JoAnn's and finding the perfect materials for 4 smalls I've finished in the last year.

Yes, that's right, I went to JoAnn's to find fabric and actually found something that would work. This of course means that I'm one step closer to doing some actual finishing. I think I'm almost inspired. Who knows, I might sit down tomorrow afternoon/evening and get to work. Not that anyone should hold their breath or even be waiting patiently to see pictures here. No, just the thought of having what I need is not enough. I need to feel inspired to do finishing. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

While we're discussion stitching...I took some pictures of what some friends I and affectionately call "cubie" today. Thought you might enjoy seeing what I've managed to accomplish. The first is a picture of what I've actually finished. The top is the "Autumn" side, the bottom the "Winter" side. Oh yeah, the actual name of this piece is "All Year Square" and it's by Betsy Morgan. It was a class from ASG back in 2005.
As you can see I started working on the "Summer" side. What it's not obvious that this is the summer part? You can't tell that's a frog there in the center? Wow, I can't imagine why? I'm actually quite pleased with how much I accomplished yesterday night. I'm sorry that the picture doesn't show the fabric color that well. But I'm very happy with how well you can see the alphabet in this picture. I don't think it shows up this well in real life, but that's just me. This is really a cute piece, so we'll see how much I can get done during this "month of smalls". I went through my stash today and found several pieces that are smalls and that are almost finished. I'll be working on some of them this month as well. Maybe clear out a few things.

Speaking of WIPs. On one of the boards I read someone asked how many WIPs everyone had, whether they thought they'd finish them all, and finally what keeps you from finishing something. Well, I was appalled. Only a few people had answered, but still, here they were apologizing for having 5 of 12 of 17 WIPs. Amatures! Seriously that's nothing. You want embarrassing, try somewhere in the 75 WIP range (give or take a few). That's potentially embarrassing. However, I'm not embarrassed. Why should I be? I enjoy stitching. I do it to relax. I do not stitch to be the first to finish a piece. Rather I stitch to be somewhat creative and, although here I'm repeating myself, to relax. I think the first year I found a stitching retreat I thought I'd found heaven. Here's this opportunity to go, take classes and learn something and get new patterns. I thought it was wonderful. So wonderful that for as many years as I went to those stitching festivals...and some of you know which ones I mean...I took at the minimum 5 classes. And then there's ASG. I have been to every fall ASG since Rae & Ron first starting having them. So that along is another 4 projects each year. It's amazing how many actual class pieces I have. And since I like to start stitching in class, all of them have some stitching on them. Heck, I could stitch from my class stash alone for several years.

Anyway, I loved the question, but kind of felt odd with my answer to the first question. And really I should finish more stuff. And as you can see, I actually do finish things. I especially finish when I have a real deadline. I'm not so great with fake ones, but the real ones I can usually manage. So, anyone else want to give a shout out with their count of stitching WIPs here in my comments? I'd love to know I'm not alone out here with this many WIPs!
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  1. Karoline Says:

    Your 'cubie' is looking lovely. I think that everyone has their own comfort level with the number of wips, I like to keep it under 10 myself but I know someone who has over a hundred! LOL!

  2. After the sessions with the organizer... we just won't talk about the number of projects I have started. It's ludicrous. Really. Bins of them. I have no total. It would frighten me.

    But I'm really impressed by your work on cubie! I'll get there one day.

  3. Heather Says:

    I'm amazed at how different the thread colors on your cubie are from mine!! (http://lottloft.home.mindspring.com/needlework/cubie.html ... hmmm ... I don't have Summer up, but my frog is brilliant green) Yours looks great, though!!

    And 75 WIPs?? Ahahahaha...actually, I'm probably not that much "worse" than you (even after my excessive GFJ). I might even be under 100! ;)

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