My DF Jill is hunting for some Christmas spirit. Not sure where she should look, but maybe seeing some pictures of ornaments that I've finished lately will help her out.

First, the knitted ornaments...The top one is the "funky" one I spoke about in a previous post. The picture is a bit blurry, sorry. The 2nd one I finished last night while watching "Ballykissangle" on DVD. (Sigh, I want to live in a great little Irish village like that, where you get to wear great sweaters way more then you do here.) I think I've decided to take both with me and see which one my aunt thinks I should use for the exchange. These are both from the same pattern found in "Holiday Knits" a beautiful book just to browse through and admire the pictures. I haven't tried other patterns from it, but have a few on my list.

Next my two latest stitched finishes...This was a class I took years ago from JBW Designs. It's canvas work and although you can't really tell it's more fuchsia then red. The back is a piece of fuchsia fabric, that's why I didn't take a picture, it's really plain. This is another of those things that I finished stitching YEARS ago, but never completed the finishing.This is "A Bird's Carol" from the 2006 JCS ornament issue. I stitched this for the exchange I participate in and finally managed to get the finishing done. After some work I think it turned out fairly well. The back is the same fabric as the ruffle.

Well that's it. Still no pictures of the blue & gold tree. Maybe I'll leave you with that before I head to my short vacation.
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  1. Jill Says:

    It's helping!! I'm sure that I'll get some spirit decorating gingerbread houses this Sat. If you want to wear more sweaters - just move to Atlanta! :-) Plus, there are some other benefits as well.

  2. Tres beautimous ornaments. And I agree with the Atlanta move... just in case you were wondering. ;)

  3. Sally Says:

    All your tree ornaments are beautiful Teresa:)

  4. woolwoman Says:

    Hi Teresa - your ornaments are beautiful - Love the Bird's Carol - Hope to see you for a stitch night when you return from your vacation! Mel

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