First the answer. Annemiek asked about contacting Betsy Morgan concerning the "All Year Cubed" kit. I actually don't have information for Betsy. I thought I did, but apparently she's moved. There has to be a way to contact her though, since she is still teaching. If I find out anything I'll be sure to post and answer.

Now, on to finishes and pictures. I only have pictures of a finish I managed last week.This is called "Holiday Ornament No.1" from Suzann Miller. It was a class at ASG many years ago. All I remember as far as dates go is that Suzann taught one of the first couple of years. There's the back of the piece. You stitch it as one large square, then when you fold it just the right way and put it together you get this. I think this was one of my first forays into canvas work. It has cording, very long cording I might add because I am the worlds worst cording maker. I either make it too long or too short. Oh well, it works.

Tonight I stitched the cording on to another canvas work ornament from yet another class that I took in the 90's. I don't have a picture of that yet. It's very pretty, now that it's all sewn, stuffed and finished. It's even hanging on the tree.

Last night I finished a knitted ornament. I may take it with me to WV for the ornament exchange on Sunday. I may not. I love it, but it is kind of funky (again no picture yet). So today while I was out I bought some red wool yarn to make a plain ornament and I'll decorate it with floss and maybe some beads. It's at least 1/2 knitted, they take almost no time!

I kept thinking that I must have a pair of US size 5 DPNs somewhere in my stash. That's the size the pattern for the knitted ornaments calls for. The funky one I made worked fine with a pair of size 6's, and I'm doing the red on in a 6, but I'm not convinced it will work well. (I may resort to a little felting/fulling to keep the stuffing from coming out.) Anyway, I went looking tonight in my knitting bag and realized that I was using the size 5's for the 1st practice sock in the new Cat Bordhi sock book. (BTW, if you knit and you knit socks, you should own this book. It's so cool.) So I pull the sock out and figure out I've got less then 10 rows and this sock is finished. That's nothing, why did I stop? It's a baby sock for Pete's sake! So, I finished it. That's 1 pair of baby socks complete. Now I need someone to have a baby boy, since they are navy blue.

That about covers it. I had another nice day. Watched a little football, eat leftovers and even managed to hit a couple of stores, but not until the afternoon. I didn't really buy much either. A few things in the Target $1 bins for my little cousins. Weird.
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  1. Sally Says:

    What a beautiful ornament Teresa:)

  2. Wow that ornament brings back some memories! :)

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