Let me begin by saying that I'm really tired of this weird back ache I've had for a week now. It's actually in my right shoulder blade and it's annoying and well, a pain in the back. (What you thought I'd say something else didn't you?) I have a feeling this is going to require a visit to the D.O. who can then do some sort of magic and adjust something and make it go away. However, the last time I had one of those my blood pressure dropped so low I almost passed out, so I'm not excited about having that done, however the other part of me realizes that the passed out feeling goes away fairly quickly and the lovely no pain part comes along instead. (Hey, I'm nothing if not a realist.)

Enough whining....I passed a lovely weekend, spent mostly knitting. Went both Fri. and Sat. to knit-ins at the ever wonderful KnitWitz. The best part was that Jane was here. Actually she's still in town, but we don't know yet for how much longer. I miss Jane. She deserted us, moved to Seattle, WA. I guess she really should have, since her husband's job moved him there. (There is some debate on this, but we won't get into the details. We love Jane's husband, we just don't love that he moved her CLEAR ACROSS THE COUNTRY!) Anyway, I enjoyed my time knitting with the gang both nights. Got to see a few people I haven't seen in quite a while. (Misha, Corrina, and Kate being the 3 that come to mind first.) There were also some new faces, which is always fun.

Hey, speaking of Kate, I'll try to keep you updated for the opening of her Etsy shop. I have some of her hand dyed yarn and it's lovely. You too should obtain some when it becomes available online.

Nothing new in pictures. I did begin a new pair of socks. Finally going to make my "I Dreamed of Africa" socks. I've loved how these looked for ages and bought yarn for them when KnitWitz got Schaefer Anne in earlier this year. I promise that as soon as I can I'll take a picture of them. (For those of you on Ravelry, I have a picture of the yarn with the pattern on my page, I'm GirlWithNeedles there too!)

The only other news is that the 'rents arrived home safely from their sojourn in WV. They seem to have had a wonderful trip. We hope to head back together the first of Dec. for my aunt & uncle's 50th wedding anniversary. The requisite party will be held and that's just something we don't want to miss if we don't have to. I mean, that's a huge and wonderful event to celebrate. (Plus there will be lots of family and music and food.)

I believe my heating pad is calling my name, or at least my back. Happy Monday (which is now Tuesday, but hey, you get the idea!)
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  1. I think your backache is called "Cubie's Revenge".

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