My poor, unable to win against an ailing U. of Miami (FL), Seminoles finally put together a complete game and won against the current #2 team, Boston College, in Boston! I wasn't watching, which may have helped (Ann I may have come down with your disease for big games.) I was knitting at the Midnight Knit-in at the ever awesome KnitWitz. I had planned on going no matter what time the game aired. I felt the need to be with my yarn people, they understand my yarn thing. I also admit I didn't think my alma mater could pull out a win this year. Oh me of little faith. Sigh. Now I'll have to watch it on the rerun tomorrow. Still it's exciting, and hopefully they can start playing up to their potential and win some more games.

The only other major news from today was my attempt to organize my stitching patterns and kits. I started, but didn't have the right system, so I'll continue tomorrow. It's totally something I can do while I watch the replay of the game and any other sports action on tomorrow, like the race in TX. Shouldn't actually take me that long now that I know what to do. (At least that's what I keep telling myself, we'll see how long it actually takes.)
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  1. See, I wasn't watching either. That's what sealed the victory. :)

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