Today I decreed that in no uncertain terms would anyone in my family ever "do" anything on a holiday. That's any type of holiday. Even things like Veteran's Day. Apparently there is some "curse of the holiday" associated with my family that I was unaware of until, well today. I'm sure you're wondering what brought on this latest insanity on my part. Even if you aren't I'm going to tell you.

Yesterday started off so nicely. My aunt & uncle had arrived Sun. evening while I was out to dinner with friends before we took in a show. (The Wedding Singer. Highly recommend the stage performance should it be in your area.) My father took them to dinner (it's his brother & SIL so he should take them to dinner). The next morning they left around 9-ish, having not eaten the lovely bagels we'd purchased but I'm ok with that since it means I can have a bagel or 2 now. Rather then go back to sleep - hey, it was a holiday you're supposed to either go somewhere or sleep in - I decided that I needed to do some work on all those ornaments that need finishing. Plus I needed to catch up on some shows I've been recording from TV. All this sounds good. I worked on finishing, even completed one of the pieces that's been stitched for a couple of years at least. (I haven't taken a picture, but one will be taken soon.)

Let me digress from this very interesting tale to inform you that I can't estimate how much actual thread I need to make cording. Invariably I make way more then I need and I haven't figured out how to make it shorter without either cutting it (and I didn't want to do that), or starting over (and I definitely wasn't doing that). So I have this really cute piece with this fairly long cording. I make it work on the tree so I'm not upset, just perplexed.

Back to the Holiday curse...so, I'm doing my thing and at the same time it seems my father decides he should go out to the shed and replace the gas tank on the tractor. By tractor I mean a riding lawn mower that takes attachments, not an actual huge tractor. We own property, but not that much. It seems that when he was through fiddling he was closing the door and tripped over something and hit his head. The good news is he apparently didn't pass out. Nor was he dizzy. He did have a nice little goose egg on his head and managed to mess with it and cause it to bled, but only after he'd eaten lunch. Hey, he was hungry you know. So, off we go to the doctor's office to make sure he doesn't have a concussion, or something worse. Luckily his doctor had a cancellation just as we walked in, so we didn't have to wait long. We love Dr. Goh, he's an amazing doctor who actually takes time with his patients and listens to them. (I think it's because he's a D.O. and they are trained to treat the whole person, but that's just my opinion.) He decided that we needed to be safe, so gave my dad orders to get a CT scan of his brain. That we accomplished today. We'll know what they found, or didn't find, in a day or 2. I'm fairly sure if they saw any bleeding, and that's what they were looking for, they would have told us by now. Dr. Goh thought everything was fine, but better safe then sorry later.

Now, 1 event does not constitute a curse, but several years ago, on a lovely 4th of July, my mother decided that the bleach should not only go in the washing machine with my father's underclothes, but also in her eyes. Sure, she said the bottle slipped into the machine and she hadn't closed it and all the bleach just popped back at her and into her eyes, it was just a silly accident. But I'm beginning to wonder. That day we spent most of the holiday in the emergency room while they washed out her eyes and then put some protective lenses in because she'd burnt them with the bleach. Please note that there is a warning label on those bottles for a reason. Luckily I have been known to wear contacts and had some saline solution so I spent the entire car ride with her head in my lap in the back seat while I pried open her eyelids and squirted the saline solution in them. The ER doctor said that's probably what saved her sight in the eye that took the brunt of the damage. By the time we got there I had managed to bring the PH levels down considerably, one eye was very close to what it should be. (So note to everyone, saline solution isn't just for contacts. It should be in every household in case of eye emergencies. It's what they use at the hospital.)

There have been other incidents, though not as major. Hence my moritorium on work on holidays. The madness has to stop. Not to mention it cuts into my time to do what I want to do.

Ok, rant over. Other then to note that these doctors visits have meant some time spent with my new socks I'm knitting. Yeah, yeah, I'll take pictures of that too.

I did stitch tonight. Worked on a cute ornament. It's a triangular shaped Santa, I think from Bent Creek. One of the many ornament kits I've collected from the exchage I participate in. Should finish it next Tuesday night. (I've re-established Tuesday's as ornament nights after taking a little break.)

No other changes to report on. Boring me.
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  1. Annemiek Says:

    Hi Theresa,
    I love your Betsy Morgan cube, and think your finishing is just perfect. Do you know if I can contact Betsy regarding her designs?

  2. {{{Teresa}}} Hope that Big Daddy is feeling better and that things calm down there soon!

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