So that's three trees down, about 4 more to go. How exciting! Of course that doesn't include various other decorating things that have to be done before completion is declared.

I have gotten a picture of the 2nd tree finished, which is my Garnet & Gold tree.Yes, it's hanging on the wall. I've had this tree for a long time, at least 12 years, maybe more. Each year I bring it out and it's shedding all over the place as I'm putting it up, and each year I think it's going to shed so much it will look like Charlie Brown's tree. Each year it surprises me. Of course I put so many ornaments and decorations on it You can barely see the green tree part anyway, but still.

After the weekend Monday brought decorating madness back. I had brought in 2 boxes from the garage on Friday that were marked "Santas" and "Christmas Santas". We had planned on working in the dining room and that's where we've been putting my mother's Santa collection, or as much of it as possible. So, Monday morning we're unpacking the boxes and mom's pulling things out of her box and saying things like, "Oh look, my Arizona Santa." Or, "Wow, I don't remember this one, isn't it cute?" This goes on for awhile, until I hear, "Well, look what I found."

At this point I need to back up 3 or so years. Picture my mother and me prowling through one of the large craft stores and spying a small, maybe 2 ft, wall tree with a cute basket at the bottom as if the tree were planted in it. We buy it thinking we have a few "kitchen" ornaments and can find some more and put it in the kitchen. We do this, everyone ohhs & ahhs. The next year we find all the ornaments, but no tree. No tree right up until Monday when mom says, "Well, look what I found."

Yep, the missing tree! There it was in the box marked "Christmas Santas". This will not happen again. There is no reason to put it in that box when there are perfectly good boxes with trees that can be marked "kitchen tree". It's ok though, we've found it and we've figured out where to hang it. Just have to get the ornaments down to decorate. But we aren't in the kitchen yet, so for now it's laying waiting.

We have made our way to the living room. It's all clean and the furniture has been moved to allow for some of my Dicken's Village houses to be put up. I may work on that some this afternoon.

I want to thank you all for the kind words about "cubie". The further from the pain of putting it together I get, the more I like looking at this piece. It really is pretty.

Finally, I want to think my Hogwarts Swap year 2 pal. I received my package and it was filled with lots of great stuff. She and I both had some things happen that kept us from getting our packages out on time. Thankfully she's very nice and was ok with my tardiness. (BTW, I mailed it out Monday...without part of it included I might add. Figured that out when I got home from the post office and found some goodies laying there. I'll send the rest the next time I head to the PO. I'm such a bad pal!) But my pal, well take a look at the goodies....
The yarn was dyed by my wonderful pal "Dora Dumbledore". (That's her wizarding name, not her muggle name.) It's beautiful and is called "Mediterrania". (You too can be the proud owner of some of her yarn by visiting her Etsy store. I love the names of the yarns in her store, not to mention the colors.) The socks are perfect and fit perfectly and feel wonderful on! The cute stripped and polka-dot item to you is a sock project bag. I don't have one so this was a special treat. The Udder Cream is for my hands when I stitch and of course the candy is self-explanatory.

(I had this all typed up and ready to post before I left to shop this morning, and completely forgot to hit Publish. I'm a goof!)
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  1. Sally Says:

    I love that tree! It's so pretty!

  2. Jill Says:

    Go Garnet & Gold!!! That is definitely one of my favorites and inspired me to have my own G&G tree when I had more room. Someday I'll have it up again.

  3. All of your decorating every year just leaves me exhausted thinking about it.....

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