I went a long way for this one, all of 9 miles from my house to Camp Blanding. Camp Blanding is the FL National Guard training facility, both for Army National Guard and Air Force National Guard. They also do a lot of other types of training for law enforcement. It's located on Kingsley Lake, where as a teen I spent many a summer day at either Stricklands or Kingsley both public access to the lake. It's a beautiful area and the facilities were excellent. You can read more over at DF Jackie's blog where she has some great shots of the lake and the room and a whole lot more about the weekend than I should write at this late date.

I will show you some pretty pictures though to distract you from the fact that I took FOREVER to write this post.
This is what my Linen book looked like before it was all put together and aged. I did have to finish stitching it when I arrived on Friday so I spent most of the day doing that...as well as eating and talking to people, some of whom I hadn't seen in a few years. I'm not normally a "primitives" person, but I love how this piece has turned out.

Next is the finished product...

Front, back and the inside. The pattern called for an inside pocket, but I had the pretty mother of pearl hearts you see here and decided I'd rather sew them into the inside and use it as a project book.

Jackie also wanted to learn some finishing techniques for ornaments. Now, I've got plenty of items that need to be finished, and my plenty I mean too many, so I thought this would be a good idea, a way to get caught up on my finishing. So I got all my finishing together, put it all in separate bags with everything I'd need, plus I packed a box full of some of my ribbons just in case we might need them. And here's what I accomplished.
I finished my needlepoint snow bunny ornament. That is all. Now mind you, I went a little overboard on the finishing and totally "mac daddy'd it out", but still. And to top it all off I ended up stitching the cording on after I got home. Still I love it! I loved stitching this piece and I love how the finishing turned out.

The only other thing I worked on a lot while I was gone was mom & dad's anniversary piece. I'll leave you with a picture of how it looked when we left Sunday afternoon. It is further along now and getting even closer to being done. Based on a number of things mom has said I'm not going to have a party for them after all. She would rather go on a cruise, so we'll do that once she's feeling all better from the mono. I'll just finish this and then give it to them when it's framed and explain why it's late.

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  1. woolwoman Says:

    Teresa your Emblem of Love is looking fantastic - the snow bunny ornament came out just darling - I sure don't think it is over the top finishing - love the snowflake backing and the prim needlebook while not your typical style is definitely a job well done ! I hope I get to attend the next retreat - sounds like everyone I know got a lot done. Mel

  2. Heather Says:

    Your project book is beautiful, the bunny is adorable, and your parents' sampler is looking fantastic!!!!

  3. krayolakris Says:

    Miss T - fabulous finishes! Love the little bun-bun and his bling...it's perfect!! Your primitive piece is great & your parents' anniv sampler is a treasure.

  4. Love how that bunny turned out!! If we take another class with Julia you must show him to her!! :)

  5. Jackie Says:

    The bunny came out super cute! Finishing took longer than I thought but most of our time was spent on the sewing book. I think we can get more than 1 or 2 done next time!

  6. Sally Says:

    Love your Emblem of Love. It's coming along beautifully.

    The little bunny is so sweet!

  7. Ria Says:

    Your parents are going to love that!

  8. Your anniversary gift is stunning.

  9. Brigitte Says:

    An Emblem of Love looks stunning, it will be a wonderful gift.
    I love your needlebook, perfectly stitched and finished.

  10. Margaret Says:

    I saw the retreat on Jackie's blog and thought it looked like you two had so much fun! I envy you your finishing skills for sure. I have no confidence with finishing although I can do it if I try. Love your ornament and the needlebook is magnificent! Glad you had fun at the retreat!

  11. Siobhan Says:

    Everything looks great, Teresa! I love your parents' anniversary!

  12. Siobhan Says:

    Umm, duh, I mean your parents' anniversary sampler!! LOL

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