Here's the deal, I found this bag with some DMC and a spool of Kreinik in it today. The bag also contained some printouts of items in my stitching stash and what I needed for them. So I was curious, I went looking for the patterns, found a couple of them and of course felt the need to start one. Now here's the really screwed up part about the whole thing. I didn't have all of the floss colors needed, but I still wanted to start this one project, so I went to my stash, made a few changes and got started. I am justifying my actions based on the fact that I cast off Autumn in Cambria, a wrap I started last May after I bought the yarn during Stitches South. Made perfect sense at the time.

So here's what I managed to get done during Dancing With The Stars and Castle tonight. Please note that I was also on an online chat with two friends during DWTS and making comments about the routines and costumes. Plus in the middle I decided that I didn't like the color the alphabet was done in so I needed to change it. (Sorry for the glare on the pattern and I don't know what's up with that odd shadow in the top right of the fabric, no natural light makes it hard to get a decent picture.)
Briar Rabbit by La-D-Da
For those who are interested here's what I'm actually using. The fabric is from my stash, it's from Country Stitch in NZ and I'm not sure if they still produce this color since I got it by being part of their club several years ago. It's Cashel 28ct overdyed and the color is called Kiwi. It does kind of look like the brown on the outside of a kiwi fruit. The fiber changes include changing the alphabet from DMC 612 to two different flosses. For my initials (TMB) I'm using GAST Deep Sea and for all the rest I'm using a skein of overdyed cotton from my stash from The Dye Shop called Tropical Teal. I checked their web address and it's no longer being used so I'm going to make a guess that they are out of business. If I'm not mistaken a group of us went in together for some floss and fabric that was all hand dyed and I ended up with this color, I actually have 2. Then for the carrot and flower instead of DMC 3858 I'm going with WDW Terra Cotta, it looks so pretty with the fabric, just the look I wanted. Not too orange. The other sub I'm making is for the bunny, I'll do the body in GAST Lambswool and the tail in Anchor 926. So, really I'm only using DMC 730 & 833 from the original list on the pattern. I like my choices so far so I'm happy.

Sorry no picture of the finished wrap, I need to block it and get some pictures in some good light. That might not all happen until this weekend as we're supposed to get some much needed rain this week. Hopefully tonightt it won't rain since some friends and I have tickets to the FSU v. UF baseball game at the Jacksonville Baseball stadium. It's always a fun game and this year we have tickets right behind home plate.
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  1. Deb Says:

    I really like your new start and really like that fabric too. The perfect design for this time of year. Look forward to seeing your wrap.

  2. This whole post makes complete sense to me. =)

  3. Ria Says:

    ACK! Good thing I don't stitch! I'd have startitis in several crafts!

    I want a picture of the wrap!!

    I'm going to see Spamalot tonite!! I love Monty Python!


  4. Margaret Says:

    So pretty! I love your colors! And the design too -- one of my want-to-stitches.

  5. Sally Says:

    Love your new start! really like the fabric too.

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