While trying to catch up on my blog reading I headed over to Lee's blog, Lake Stitcher, and saw an intriguing post. Her idea was to pick a pattern from her stash that's been around for a few years, say from when you first got serious about stitching, and work on it during her birthday month, which just happens to be March. Lets just say I have a fairly decent stash. Not as large as some, but certainly I've reached SABLE and if truth be told if SABLE was more a place on a track my stash would be like a super speedway and I'd be on at least my 2nd Green/White/Checker finish of a 500 mile race. (If you're not a fan of NASCAR this means nothing to you, but for some of my friends this will explain a lot. For the rest just believe me when I say I'm WAY PAST SABLE.)

I have no idea what I'm going to choose but I decided this was a great idea and I'm in. I've got a few months until July to go through my stash and decide what I want to work on, if I need to make any thread changes and gather supplies or wander through my fiber and fabric stash to see what I can use. I'm thinking about all the classes I took back "in the day" and all the patterns I've collected over the years. I'm fairly certain something is going to just jump out and say, "PICK ME!!!"

If you're a stitcher, take a look at Lee's post (linky again in case you missed it the first time) and see if you'd like to join the fun.
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  1. Ria Says:

    the solution for exceeding SABLE is very simple. We can never die! It is the true secret to immortality.

    My birthday is in November. Every year I decide that only 3 or 4 people are knit worthy. then in November I have an aneurysm or something and decide to make a bunch of Christmas stuff. So it would be a bad month...

  2. Deb Says:

    I think that's a really good idea for working on something that you've had for a long time. I should do something like that as there are loads around here that I've just shelved! Can't wait to see what you pick out.

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