Do you have a favorite Irish or Celtic stitched piece?  If you don't, what about a piece that represents your heritage?

For some reason I haven't stitched something that is specifically Irish or Celtic looking. Not that I don't have a piece or two, or more, in my stash to work on of course. My mom's family, which is the side I know the most about, is Scots and Irish. Several, think more than 10, years ago I went to visit a friend in south FL for my birthday and made him take me around to the stitching stores we could find for part of my gift. I'm fascinated by Scottish samplers and when I saw this one I had to have it and the silk to make it. I finally finished it last year and it now hangs in our living room. I realized that I've never shown a picture of this piece after it was framed so what a perfect opportunity. Of course it's hard to get a good picture because of the glass but here goes.
Traditional Elegance II
I should probably go find out all the particulars, but I'm lazy and just don't feel like going to find it. I'm pretty sure that the chart is OOP. It's worked all in silk and the told filling at the bottom is a gold thread that was "fun" to work with. There are also small gold beads in that area. It may have taken me several years to finish this one, but it is worth it. I love this piece.

Or maybe a family tree style sampler?

I actually have been thinking about this more since I've been working on the anniversary piece for mom and dad. I'd like to do one tracing back the female side of my family, so me, mom, her mom, her mom....etc. I haven't seen anything that screams to me, but I'm sure I will find something eventually. Or if you have an idea I'd love to know about it!
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  1. Ria Says:

    I've never knit or crocheted anything specifically English/Scottish/Swedish/French/German or Japanese.

    I did try Japanese brush painting. I may still give it another try, one day.

    I have been fascinated by Irish/Celtic crafts/culture etc as long as I remember. I am doing an Irish shawl KAL starting next month if my yarn comes in.

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