Often a question I ask when I've set a stitching goal for the month and the end of the month has blown by and I haven't finished my goal. Not sure I know the answer, but I give you Valentine Rose as proof that if you persevere you might eventually accomplish something.
Valentine Rose by Blackbird Designs
 I tried to get this to look as close to how it looks in person as I could. This is pretty close. This one is dedicated to my mother's sister, my Aunt Nora, whose birthday is the same day that some little rodent decides if we're going to have an early spring or not. I spent as many holidays and much of my summers with her and her family as a child as I did at my own home with my parents. My mom wanted me to have the time around family and since my aunt has three sons, one of whom is the same age as I am, that was where I went. Not that I minded escaping Florida in the summer to go to the mountains of West Virginia. Then when I was looking for colleges my Aunt Nora went with my mom and I to check out the first college I attended and over the years I've called her for advise as much as my mom, especially when I needed help with my accounting homework in college!

The "J" above and to the left of her name is for her husband James (Uncle Jim) whose birthday is also in February. The "S" is for Nora & Jim's granddaughter Sara who was born minutes after my maternal grandmother died. The other "J", at the top left corner in the blue/green color, is for my father's sister, JoAnn who also celebrates her birthday in February. I used a different color for her since her last name isn't Hart, well technically Sara's isn't any longer since she's now married but to me she'll always be Sara Hart.

With that goal accomplished I managed to get a start on March's goal for Alphabets. No picture yet since it's all in cream silk perlee which looks white and is a bear to photograph. I'm only going to try that once when it's finished.

That's all for today. Wednesday's don't leave much time for stitching in the evening since I have band practice and I need to do some drama directing for the church. We're doing a series of readings/dramas during our contemporary service in place of actually reading the Gospel lesson for the day. Somehow I ended up in charge of it. Hope you all have a fantastic day!
7 Responses
  1. Karoline Says:

    You've had some great finishes since I was last able to head over here. Your parents sampler is gorgeous

  2. Margaret Says:

    It's beautiful! Love how you personalized it for your Aunt.

  3. woolwoman Says:

    Teresa - I'm loving your Feb block - the personalization is very special. Hope you get a jump on the DT Mar goal. Am I ever going to see you again? Mel

  4. Ria Says:

    Any finish, late, on time, early (yeah ok stop laughing at that one) is a good finish - don't forget you had that gorgeous thing you made for your parents, that I'm sure took a ton of time!

    And if I don't fall asleep - Wed is a great knitting knight for me because Curt bowls from 7 to about midnight.

  5. Carol Says:

    What a gorgeous finish and it sounds like your relationship with your Aunt Nora is a very special one...

  6. Jackie Says:

    Congrats on your finish! It looks beautiful and I love that you shared the story behind your personalizations.

  7. Sally Says:

    Very pretty finish :)

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