We like to stitch things for people we love.  Show us and tell us about one (or more) of your favorite needlework projects that expresses your love for someone.

I've been thinking about this one for awhile. I'm not sure if it's cheating to use a round robin as part of my answer but I'm going to go for it anyway. Several years ago my friends Jill, Judy, Heather and I decided that we should commemorate our friendship by stitching a piece together, creating a round robin sampler. We decided on doing band samplers and using motifs from the teacher/friend who is the main reason we're all friends. You see, we all met through taking classes from Rae Iverson. Well all except for Jill and I who met because we worked together and went to the same university. We took almost a year and had a lot of fun with them. They are all 4 very different and in a lot of ways express who we are as individuals. To see them all individually you have to go here  you'll have to click on "Features" then "Heather's World of Needlework", then "See some Round Robins I've participated in", then "See a RR I stitched with friends based on Moss Creek designs" and look through the many pictures. (It's a bit of work but it's worth the reward to see the upclose pictures of each band.) You can seem them band by band and then how they turned out over all. Love them all, but I'm especially fond of my own.

The other one isn't finished yet. I have to say working on An Emblem of Love for my parents anniversary is a labor of love and I'm very happy with it so far. I can't imagine it not being something they'll love. No update yet, but I hope I'll have one after tomorrow, it all depends on if I get out and go in to Jacksonville or not.

Sorry about no pictures, but at least you can go see great ones on Heather's old site. 
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  1. Lee Says:

    Thanks for answering! I love your answer. How nice to have a round robin with people who mean so much to you. Neat blog!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Very nice! Round robins can be so much fun too!

  3. Heather Says:

    You know this RR is one of the few things I'd grab in a fire as I ran out the door. =)

    Wish I'd seen this earlier...here's the direct link: Direct link to RR page.

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