Spent Sunday afternoon stitching with my friend Jackie. We met and just hung out for awhile with our needles and some threads. I only worked on AotH Snow Garden hoping that I'd finish it in January. Didn't make it, here's where it stands when I quit last night.
I wasn't happy with my dye lot of GAST's Cidermill Brown that is on the front of the house, mine was almost the color of my fabric, so I switched to GAST's Cinnamon. Love how it looks now. This picture actually captures the color of my fabric, and before you ask I don't remember. I think it's WDW Parchment, but don't quote me on that since it just as easily could be Lakeside or it could be R&R. I need to find the label and make sure I know, silly of me, but I've lost it. Maybe someone else will remember that was with me when I bought it on a trip to A Stitcher's Dream. Anyway, I'm going to keep working on this square so it will be finished and then hopefully get Feb started and finished. If I can do one each month then I'll be doing fantastic.

We met at Panera and had one woman stop to talk with us about our stitching. She said she used to stitch, but not on linen. The other woman works there and had to see what we were doing. Stitching in public is sometimes fun, since it might spark some interest.

I finally have an updated picture of mom & dad's anniversary piece.
This picture doesn't quite do it justice, but it's pretty darned close considering I took it at Panera. I've actually done a bit more late last night on the square I'm working on. The boarder is finished and I've started on the inside motif. Some more late nights are in order, or some days of being able to stitch without prying eyes seeing it. I'm still hoping I'll have it finished and framed in time to give it to them for their actual anniversary. We'll see.

In answer to KarenV's question, yes I'm using the called for fabric and fibers for DT Alphabets. It's Lambswool. It looks more khaki to me as well. I think as I get more of the design completed I'll be much happier. Once I get Snow Garden finished I'll be back to work on my February goal for this piece.

That's all my stitching news. Things here are slowly getting back to some sense of normal. My mother still isn't recovered from her bout with mono though she does seem to be gaining some strength. She still has to stop and rest a lot. We did have to go back to find out what they found with her CT scan. Not great news, some major arthritis damage in her cervical spine area that has to be addressed, plus we're still trying to find a good rheumatologist to get her started on more advanced treatment for the osteoporosis. Looks like we may try to find a doctor down in Gainesville. I'm not sure if they will allow my vehicle to park in the garage down there, but I'll give it a go. (Yes, all my Gator friends, that's a joke.) The symphony was lovely and we're thinking of getting tickets for Saturday evening's opera performance. I still need to work on the cleaning of my office. I would love to put down new flooring, cork I think, and then go get some bookcases from Ikea that I like. Lots of plans, too little time. 
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  1. Ria Says:

    I am beginning to believe stitching & I wouldn't work. Notice how most of my projects are 1 or 2 skeins? Short attention span, ADD tis me!

  2. Heather Says:

    Snow Garden is beautiful!! And your parents' anniversary sampler is coming along very nicely.

  3. woolwoman Says:

    you are correct T - it was WDW Parchment. I was hoping to finish my snow garden too in January - oh well - that didn't happen LOL ! Love how the Emblem of Love is coming out - very striking - YGG - Mel

  4. Jackie Says:

    Sunday was a lot of fun! I always enjoy sitting and chatting with you. Dinner with your lovely parents was wonderful as well.

    The pics of both pieces came out really good. They both capture the color of the fiber and the fabric very well.

  5. Sally Says:

    Snow Garden is looking gorgeous. So many people have issues with the threads; me included!

    Your parents sampler is coming along beautifully.

    Hope your Mum continues to improve.

  6. Karoline Says:

    Great progress on them all, they're looking lovely

  7. Siobhan Says:

    Great progress on both of your samplers, Teresa!

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