And I did manage to finish one of the stitching goals I needed to do if I am going to finish any of the larger pieces I have on my list for my personal Crazy 15 challenge.
Yep, that's the entire top alphabet completed for Drawn Thread's Alphabets. I've still got A LOT more to stitch, and I have a plan that if I actually stick to it will give me a completed sampler that looks something like this at the end of the year. The big question is will I manage to stay with the plan? Or will I let some other sparkly goodie catch my attention? Be sure to stay tuned!

I've been stitching on the needlebook from Stacy Nash we got at our Primitives weekend. I've made good progress on that. Oh and I picked up AOTH to work on the January block. I don't think it will be finished in January, but I can hope. Plus I'm still working in secret on mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary sampler. And by "in secret" I mean I only start stitching on it after 11PM when I should be sleeping. One night I got a little carried away and was still stitching at 3AM. I'm closing in on being halfway done.

It really does look beautiful. I met some friends from my last work contract for lunch Thursday after my doctor's appointment (nothing but my regular check-up with the RA doc, no worries). After that I stopped by the frame shop I use to go ahead and pick out a frame so we can get it framed quickly when I get it done. I've had my stitching framed by Great Hang Ups in Orange Park for more years than I or owners Dee and Julia (a great mother-daughter team) would care to admit! Even without the entire piece done we had enough to work with and found the perfect frame to show off that it's for their 50th and that it's a Quaker design. So now I just have to get it finished and to them and give them a few days to get it all stretched and framed. Sorry, no update pictures. I took the sampler but forgot to take my camera so I could get a picture! I'll have to try again soon.

I think that's about all my stitching news. Have only knit on a pair of socks and they aren't finished so nothing to show there. Tonight is the symphony and I'm looking forward to hearing the music they are performing. We're so lucky in Jacksonville to have such a great symphony. More people who take advantage of their performances.

Hope everyone is finding time to do the things that make them happy!
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  1. Chris Says:

    it looks beautiful Teresa!

  2. KarenV Says:

    So pretty! I really love your start on this. Are you using the recommended linen, or something else - it looks like Summer Khaki on my monitor.

  3. Sally Says:

    Wow it's looking beautiful!

  4. carol fun Says:

    Oh this is sooo pretty! I love the colors and your stitching is wonderful. I'll be stopping by again and again- take care and happy stitching!

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