Wow, it turned 2011 and I didn't even take time to write a blog post thinking about all that has happened in the previous year or what I hope to do in the coming one. I have a really good reason too. It seems that my mother is sick with mononucleosis, and apparently it isn't the first time. We have a feeling she had a slight case when I was very, VERY sick with it a little over 20 years ago. This time she's really feeling it. She started feeling bad around Thanksgiving and hasn't felt good since. So, our Christmas was very low key and my final days working on the contract I was working were hectic with work and taking care of her. I know it's not much of an excuse, but it's all I've got.

However, I have had some time to do a few other things, like spend New Year's Eve in Savannah with friends. I didn't manage to get a picture of the entire group, but someone took this picture of me and my friend Donna, she's the tiny one.

I also talked myself and several friends from the sampler guild I belong to into starting a blog to chronicle our personal challenges for this year for finishing things. Since many of us do other things than just stitching there will be all kinds of lovely items showcased. There are currently 7 of us contributing and a few more are expected to join us. I'm so looking forward to seeing what everyone is going to work on this year. Some have their own blogs like I do, but several don't so this will be your opportunity to see the beautiful work they do. I hope you'll take a look and keep coming back to see what these lovely ladies have to share. You can find us at Working to Finish in 2011.

Ok, a couple of quick pictures before I head to finish getting ready to fly to Atlanta for my DF Jean's birthday weekend and to see all my great friends in Atlanta.

First, DF Jackie and I are headed to AZ next month for the Primitive's weekend at The Attic. We're both looking forward to it, especially since this will be Jackie's first opportunity to take classes from stitching designers. We received one of our pre-stitching kits last week and I started it on Jan. 1. I've finished all the stitching and am ready for the class. So proud of myself, but I know that it's helped that I am between contracts right now. When finished it will be a pinkeep drum.

Stacy Nash Primitives
Attic Needlework Peacock Pinkeep Drum
32 ct. linen w/DMC

My personal challenge this year is to finish things, and keep a rotation to work on and attempt not to get distracted from that rotation. In the past when I've done that I've managed to finish things, or move large projects along nicely. You can read more here. I hate to repeat myself too much in the hopes that most of you who still read my blog will head over to the group blog to read it as well.

Finally, for those who won't be reading both, I'll show you the progress I made on Winter Garden Gate last night. I started with this...
(Yep, took this picture at night before I started hence the really yellow color, but you get the idea.) Worked on it for about 2 hours last night and now it looks like this...
This picture actually looks like it does in person. Notice that I started this in 2005. I'll end up putting 2011 on it to show when I finished, plus there is a place for my initials. I was excited to finish the leaves and berries on the left side. I think I'll tackle the right hand Assisi work next, but that's for after I make my way through my list the first time.

I hope to be posting from Atlanta to show my starts and what I'll be working on while I'm there. We plan to spend a lot of time stitching. I'm taking a few things with me to start on so hopefully I can make some good progress on each of them.
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  1. That's great progress for a night's work on Winter Garden Gate!! You want to finish...it's hanging on my wall right now and I love it.... =) See you TOMORROW!!!!!!! (Not excited, am I?)

  2. Ceramix Says:

    Sending best wishes to your mum, hope she is better soon.

  3. Ria Says:

    Hope Jean gets better quick so you guys can have fun!

  4. Sally Says:

    Fantastic progress!

    Hope your Mum is better soon.

  5. woolwoman Says:

    Hope your mom is improving. Atlanta will be great! Thanks for all your hard work on setting up the new blog. Have fun and say hi to Jean and a big happy birthday hug

  6. Michelle Says:

    Congrats on finishing your pre-stitching. I've got a Stacy Nash class coming up in March that I'm really looking forward to. Love your Winter Garden piece too - congrats on finishing that vine!

  7. krayolakris Says:

    Your stitching is gorgeous. Thanks again for our new blog!! Hope others will join in.

  8. Karoline Says:

    I hope your Mum is feeling better.

    Congratulations on finishing your pre-stitching, it looks lovely. Enjoy your class

  9. Siobhan Says:

    I hope your mother is improving, Teresa! Congrats on getting your prestitching done--and I love your progress on your other piece!

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