Of course I couldn't go all the way to Mesa and visit The Attic without buying a few lovelies to put in my stitching stash. Perish the thought that I wouldn't have! Too many lovely things to look at and pick from, but I managed to narrow it down and brought home just a few.
The Haul
Starting at the top left and moving clockwise around: "Illuminated Letters Sampler" by The Samplar Workes, "HallowEden" by Plum Street Samplers, "Happy Christmas" by Carolina House Designs, "Fancy Peacock Hanging Pinkeep" from Stacy Nash Primitives, "Alphabet Sampler" from Chessie & Me, another Stacy Nash Primitives "Sara Cricks Pocket Roll", a lovely piece by Chessie & Me "Mary K Holt 1810 Sampler", and finally "Neeles & Pins Heart Pinkeep" from With thy Needle & Thread. For some of them I went ahead and got supplies, which of course I know you want to see.

First "Mary K Holt 1810 Sampler". Jean had pieces of 40 ct. Vintage Meadow Rue from Lakeside that they had cut for a different piece but for some reason hadn't used. It will work for this one so I got that and the Belle Soie. Worked over 2 this will be a fairly small piece, but so adorable. I kept looking at it because I liked the verse and when Jean had it all laid out I decided I had to have it. I have decided I need more items on the wall I hung my "Stitcher's Row Sampler" on, and I think this will work there. If not I'm sure I can find an equally perfect place for it. For now this one goes into stash. Hopefully I'll pull it out later this year when I've finished something else.

Next is one I've seen on other blogs and just think is adorable. "HallowEden" will be my first Adam & Eve sampler. Both Jackie and I liked this one so we have decided to have a very loose SAL. There was only one pattern left in the shop so we have to wait for her to get her pattern. We did find the perfect fabric for it and both bought a piece and the Crescent Colours needed. The fabric is 40 ct (again...I'm not sure what I'm thinking!) Newcastle in a color called Purely Primitive. It's more green than it shows up in this picture. I think it's going to look fantastic. I hope Jackie has the pattern in time for our weekend in February.

Next is a seasonal piece I've looked at several times but never purchased because frankly I don't like the colors the designer choose. I love the design so I was "helped" to find just the perfect colors to make this piece my own.
This is "Happy Christmas" and I made some major changes. My plan is to work it over 1 on the 30 ct. Weeks linen in Parchment that I found. That will make it a little over 8 1/2" not quite square. I started my conversion with the red Gloriana Florimell Silk called Poinsettia, apropos don't you think? That will replace the red called for in the pattern. The pattern calls for 2 diffferent greens and 2 different gold colors. I went with 2 greens and one gold. The 2 greens are both Gloriana silks, one is Luminescence 100/3 Silk called Granny Smith Green (that's the lighter one that looks like it's smaller but actually has 20 yards) and the other is the regular silk floss that Gloriana dyes in Elizabethan Green. Then for the gold I went with Aussie Gold from Dinky Dyes, also a silk thread. I think it will look fantastic together and I'm looking forward to working with it. I'll have to see how I think the threads end up looking on the 30 ct. linen. I may end up only doing tent stitch, rather than full crosses.

The final piece that I got fabric for is Chessie & Me's Alphabet Sampler. I went with a piece of Lakeside 36 ct in Vintage Fawn. Such a nice rich color that the reds and browns will look fabulous on. I didn't purchase the fibers because I'm fairly certain I have all, or most of them in my stash, or at the least something that will work just as well. It calls for DMC, Sampler Threads and Weeks all of which I have if I just go looking. This isn't a large piece either, it will end up being about 5" square, so would probably be a fairly easy stitch when I get started on it. I love how the letters go around and around the little girl in the red dress.

This piece will definatly go on the wall with Stitchers Row along with hopefully a few other alphabet type pieces that I have in my stash.
That about covers all the goodies I purchased. Lots of pretties to look forward to stitching. I do have something new to show that I finished over the weekend. Yes, I finished something else, well at least I finished stitching it. Job hunting is time consuming, but it's also nice because I have extra time to stitch!
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  1. Jackie Says:

    You were able to get good photos of everything!

    I'm looking forward to our Start-A-Long for HallowEden. I think it's going to be a fun stitch that hopefully won't take me forever and a day.

  2. woolwoman Says:

    Looks like you had an AWESOME ATTIC time ! Jean knows how to build memories for sure. Hope you enjoy all your great new projects and threads. Mel

  3. Heather Says:

    Mmmmm, I love the colors you were "helped" to choose for the Christmas piece!

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