Since I seem to be on a kick to do more samplers, and I've seen this on a few different blogs I thought I'd let you all know more about me. Although I think most of you know me fairly well so this might not be all that interesting.

A - Age: I'm 38.  (Please you thought I'd tell you the truth?)

B - Bed Size: Full, but it's VERY high off the ground.

C - Chore you hate: Cleaning the bathroom

D - Dogs Name: No current dog, but the dog I had years ago I called Snoopy though his name was Leander Lafayette

E - Essential Start of the Day item: Coffee, food, coffee, tea, caffeine. Did I mention caffeine?

F - Favourite Color: hard one...deep blue, but also garnet, and green.

G - Gold or Silver: Yes!

H - Height: 5ft 6-is"

I - Instruments you play: Piano.

J - Job: Right now...looking for a job. I normally work as a Quality Analyst in the IT world of some sort.

K - Kids: none

L - Living Arrangements: The house my parents built.

M - Music You Love: anything but rap and hard metal. Most everything else is fair game for me.

N - Nicknames: T, Tree, Mericie

O - Overnight Hospital Stay: Just once to have my wisdom teeth removed. They almost had to break my jaw.

P - Pet Peeve: People who don't do their job, or don't do it well, and blame things on other people.

Q - Quote from a Movie: "I'll think about it tomorrow..."! Yeah, I can procrastinate with the best of them.

R - Right handed or Left: Right

S - Siblings: 2 half brothers

T - Time you wake up: right now whenever I wake up.

U - Underwear: Not much for the commando thing, plus I like "girlie" frilly items.

V - Vegetables you dislike: Beans and peas

W - Workout Style: sporadic

X - X-Rays You've had: hand, leg, chest (more than once), neck, teeth.

Y - Yummy Food you make: I've been told I make fantastic brownies. I love my own cooking so I'd tell you lots of things, including dinner!

Z - The best place to Visit -wherever I'm going next!
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