I thought I'd share with you what I gave Maria for her wedding gift. I had called and talked to her about what type of veil she was wearing and when I found out it wasn't one that went over her head, but rather would attach in the back and that she didn't have any "hair jewelry" already I asked if she would like some. So here's what I designed just for her.

I love this last picture. I think it shows off her hair and everything so well.

So I made them with some silver wire, some antique Swarovski crystals as well as some that were new, and some lovely slightly lavender seed pearls. I gave her 12 and she ended up using all of them. They were her "something new" and I'm so glad she liked them.
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  1. Those are gorgeous, T!! Every bride should have something so special. =)

  2. Jill Says:

    Beautiful! Maria looks lovely too.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Maria and her adorned hair look beautiful! What a beautiful gift that will be an heirloom!


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