I've never been one of those people who likes thunder storms. I am afraid of lightening and would rather curl up under the covers when there's a storm then do much of anything else. Plus they tend to bring on a headache. So the last couple of weeks haven't been nice to me. So to top it all off today there's yet another storm, full of lightening and thunder and of course I need to get a shower so I can be someplace around 4, but with the weather I'm scared to take it. Really, can't I catch a break people?

On the stitching front I still don't have a picture of the ornament, sorry folks.

Well, I'm off today to make sure I know what to do at my LYS while the owner is away and she's leaving me partly in charge. What fun! If you're in town stop by and see me Fri. or Sat. morning!
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  1. Nasty lightning can't hurt you while you're in a relaxing shower. Trust me. =)

  2. Jill Says:

    I refuse to believe that you will be at Knitwitz Friday and Saturday - because you will be in Atlanta.

  3. Dude, you're in charge of the store??


  4. Ria Says:

    I LOVE thunder and lightning storms. I think there's nothing better than having a cup of coffee on the porch and watching the lightning. There used to be a lot of iron mines in the area so we get cool lightning.

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