Really, there isn't much to talk about today. Although if you are a regular visitor you might notice the new, and very cool, progress bars at the side for my knitting. I did manage to figure out that code to get them to show up. Feel really good about that. So, I'm off to work on the Rosalie scarf and see if I can't get it finished and in the "present pile" I've been creating.

Oh, if you live in Jacksonville and aren't busy tomorrow come by and see me at KnitWitz. I'll be minding the store while DF Kathe is away celebrating her grandmother's 90th birthday. I'd love the company and I'd be thrilled to show you the pretty new yarns that have come in. You know you want them! Plus tomorrow night is one of the nights the shop is open late for knit-ins, and Kim and I will be there to make sure the fun happens!
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