Hope everyone had a safe day and will have an even safer weekend. I spent the morning planting some flowers I bought yesterday. (Sorry, no picture yet.) Spent the evening watching cars go fast in an oval and typing up some patterns I'm going to be teaching this month.

Tomorrow I'll be teaching and then back home to get ready to watch the race in Daytona. I still think of it as the Firecracker 400, guess that shows my age.

I'm working on posts about the wedding. I promise I'll get back to them soon. I've also been stitching. Got to get those ornaments stitched!

Lastly, thanks to all who are serving in our armed forced and for all who have served. I think I've mentioned before that my family seems to be a Navy family. My oldest nephew is active duty and I think he's headed off for Embassy duty soon. To all who serve, all who have served and all who have lost a family member while serving "thank you" doesn't seem like enough. However, that and my prayers are all I can offer. So "Thank You".

Happy 4th of July weekend! Stay safe everyone.
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  1. Hope you had a great day!

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