That's a long time without a post and I can't believe that it's actually been that long. So, here's a list to try and catch everyone up.

1. Waiting to hear about the job. Apparently the person in charge at the company where I'd be working went on vacation for a week around the time they got my resume. So hopefully I'll hear something good this week.

2. Knitting - I've been working on a couple of things and not working on something I keep saying I want to finish.

a) My Lynton cardigan hasn't been touched in weeks. I think I've messed up on the 2nd front and just haven't found a good quiet time to figure out if I'm right or not and if I am right how to fix it much needs to be ripped out.

b) I finally got the heel turned on my "I Dreamed of Africa" socks and even got the boring foot part done. Now to work on the toe. I want to try a toe that I found in one of my sock books so again, I'm waiting for a point when I have an uninterrupted hour or two to do it.

c)The waterbottle sling I've been working on is nearing completion. I ended up starting this all over again and re-working the pattern since I wanted it for a smaller bottle then the original pattern was written for. I've actually kept some notes so I can tell you all what I ended up doing differently when I get it finished and post a picture.

d)I'm making squares for afghans to be sent to Victory Junction. It's part of a Ravelry group project for charity. I'm not the quickest, but I've managed to finish 2 squares. Part of my slowness is I wanted to try out some patterns so I'm having to work to get them the right sizes.

3. Stitching - Not so much. I've picked up a few things and stitched on them a little, but nothing worth discussing.

4. Everything else - Probably more of the same. Trying to get more things organized around the house, which takes way to much time in my opinion. Then there's the normal stuff that happens ever week in my life. I think we're all reasonably well. This weather is not helping my sinuses, but they aren't infected, so I'm pretty happy. Did have a couple of days last week where I didn't have a voice, but hey, that's nothing.

5. Have you ever noticed that lists can get boring?

6. Reading - that's been falling off lately too. Not sure why. But I'm trying to finish the book on Elizabeth I that I've been reading for awhile now. I think I've given up on Mansfield Park. I just read it last year and it's not my favorite Jane Austen anyway. Maybe I'll read it again in a few years. For now, there are too many books I want to read that are sitting on my shelves to not pick one of them up and ditch MP.

7. I'm woefully behind in reading the blogs that I enjoy. Hence my silence on commenting. I'm trying to catch back up, but it's slow going. Bear with me, I'm still here.

8. I've been trying to get more sleep, they say it helps with weight-loss. So that means I'm going to turn off my computer and go to bed!

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  1. Ceramix Says:

    Point 4- Think you need to get hold of some Olbas Oil for your sinuses.

    BTW, fingers crossed the hiring manager has returned from holiday refreshed and ready to hire you!

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