To bring you Sock Madness. (Unless you are one of my friends who live in Atlanta and now have a completely new idea of March Madness. See Lottloft's post for more information.)

But my craziness is Sock Madness 2. It's fun, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to make the 2nd round. I have finished one sock and have finished 3 repeats of the second, but I'm tired and have to get up early in the morning for church. So, I doubt I'll make it to the heel flap before I fall asleep. No pictures of the finished sock. BTW, this is all I've been working on since about 7 PM on Thursday. That's just insane!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Whatever. You'll totally make it. I haven't eve finished my first one yet - it's turned out to be that kind of weekend. :)

  2. You're not insane, T - or if you are, then all of us have the same infection. This event sort of takes over your life, until you wonder what on earth you did before Sock Madness - and indeed what you will do afterwards! I'd be surprised if, after that splendid finish, you don't feel the irresistible urge to cast on for another pair while you're waiting for Round 2!

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