1995 Commemorative Sampler
Designed by Jean Farish Huls
forThe Spirit of Cross Stitch Festivals

I took this as a class in 1995. I think that was the first year I attended Spirit. Jean Farish actually taught the class, which I think was listed as an intermediate class. Mainly because of the pulled thread work on either side of the quote. It's hard to get a good picture of this, although this is pretty close to the colors. I didn't try to get close-ups of the pulled thread work, but if anyone wants to see it I'll give it a try and edit this post with them. I made a single change. After "In Celebration of" there is supposed to be a line that says "Spirt of Cross Stitch Festival". To be honest, I really didn't want that on my sampler. So, instead I took it out. Now it's just in celebration of...well life I guess, and stitching, and all the wonderful things that I've gotten from stitching over the years, like friends I've made because of it. So in reality, it's in celebration of all of you who I know through this blog and who have been my friends for years and who share my passion of all things made by hand.

I think I'll go work on something different from my stash in the spirit of March Madness. I've been so obsessed with finishing the commemorative sampler that I've not kept up with this month's theme. Must rectify that. I have a meeting tonight, so before I have to leave I think I'll stitch a little. Enjoy your Tuesday!

ETC: The year I took the class, as Jill pointed out it wasn't in 2005, but rather in 1995. Big difference.
8 Responses
  1. It is most beauteous!!!! Congrats on the finish.

  2. Karoline Says:

    It's gorgeous, congratulations on the finish

  3. Jill Says:

    Congrats...but I hate to tell you that you probably did NOT take that class in 2005. Or else I would have this sampler in my stash as well. ;-) Speaking of that - is it now "available"?

  4. Ceramix Says:

    Simply fab! Well done.

  5. TeresaB Says:

    Jill's right...I took it in 1995! Wow, I'm loosing my mind. And yes, that means it is now "available".

  6. lena-lou Says:

    No wonder you are having a Happy dance this is a stunner of a finish :)

  7. Gryffinitter Says:

    Wow! What an inspiration! I have this sweater from...ok, let's just say BEFORE 1995 that I really ought to finish...

  8. Sally Says:

    Wow that looks stunning Teresa!

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