March Madness is over for the time being, but Sock Madness continues. Since I made it through round 1 I'm currently trying to knit the sock for round 2. I'm not saying I won't make the cut, but I'm highly skeptical as I'm using this sock to also kill another obligation. That means I'm not knitting this for my small-ish sized foot, but rather for a fairly larger sized foot. Oh well, I love the pattern and the yarn I'm using so that's the good news. No pictures yet, maybe I'll post one when I get the 1st sock finished. I'm working on the foot...all 10 inches of the foot!!!

Stitching wise, March wasn't bad, although I didn't really stick to the theme all that well. Still I accomplished some things and I'm happy. April brings a concentration on those larger projects that are in the UFO/WIP's pile. It's not like I don't have a few of those. I won't be doing much stitching until I get these socks finished, but after that I'll hit the big stuff pretty hard. I am still trying to stitch on Thursday evenings, and may take a break from knitting tonight to stitch on one of the projects I've listed. TE2 seems to be holding my attention lately, although I heard the call of a peacock and thought I'd bring it out of hibernation for awhile.

Otherwise, life continues on. I have neglected my blog, and my reading of other's blogs awfully. Hopefully it will get a little better soon.
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  1. I shall look forward to seeing sock pics!

  2. Heather Says:

    Leave it to you to take Amazon April so literally and knit a sock for an Amazon... =)

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