Well, actually this is about big stitching projects, but you get the idea. Since April is all about the LARGE projects I figured I wouldn't get much done. I'm notorious for starting large projects and then taking forever to finish them. It's nice to get some solid stitching time on them every once in awhile. So, after finishing Mr. Peacock's arbor, I decided to work on some other WIPs in my bag.

One of the boards I post on has a group devoted to UFOs. I consider Deer in the Woods a UFO since it got started and then has languished in my pile of other WIPs. I bought the pattern a couple of years ago when I went to AZ and we took a side trip to The Attic. (Lovely store that all stitchers should visit if in the area.) They had this completed and all the wall and I fell in love. I think the colors spoke to me, and probably the verse as well. So I bought the pattern and they mentioned that they had converted it to silk and gave me a copy of the conversion. So, here's what it looked like before Sampler Guild on Sunday...
Here's what it looked like after Wed. night when I put it away until next month...I'm very excited with how much I managed to get done. It's far from being finished, but that's about 1/2 a page, so maybe 1/8 done? I've decided I'll work on this each month for 3 days, and hopefully when I go to Sampler Guild. We'll see how far it progresses during the year.

Thursday is for a real UFO, and Traditional Elegance 2 fits that bill. Didn't think I'd get much done on it yesterday, but had some time during lunch to pull it out and then got home earlier then expected last night and was able to stitch a couple of hours. Thought you'd enjoy an updated picture.I had thought I'd work on the acorn in this band, but decided I was a bit tired for that. Still, that's quite a bit of progress. The end is actually in sight for this one, or at least I think it is.

Not much else going on. Teaching a crochet class tomorrow at my LYS, KnitWitz. Looking forward to that. It's a 2 part class, so should be fairly laid back. Otherwise, the weather is perfect today and life is not too bad.
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  1. Jill Says:

    Awesome Amazon-ness!

  2. Wow! Looks great.

    BTW... missing you terribly up here this weekend. :(

  3. Sally Says:

    Wow your WIP looks fantastic! You've got loads done!

  4. Karoline Says:

    Great progress on both samplers, they look lovely

  5. Heather Says:

    That's some nice eye candy!!! =)

  6. Cathy C Says:

    Since you left a comment on my blog I decided to visit yours sine I had the link :-)...I love this Traditional sampler -- what is the color of thread you used for the alphabet? I really like it. Also, I loved your Deer in the Woods and can see why the colors spoke to you. I may have to hunt that one down and get it stitched for my hallway. It would really be a pretty piece for my avocado colored wall! You are making great progress, and I'll look forward to seeing the updates through the Summer.

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