It's that time again, when you find out more about the way I stitch. This week's SBQ is very interesting.

How do you handle blended threads? Do you kit the blends up before you
start a piece, or do you grab what colors you need and blend when the need arises? If you kit up the blends beforehand, how do you store them? Do you have another option for blends to share?

First, I try to avoid blended threads if possible. Not that I don't think that they serve a purpose, but I just hate to deal with them. That being said, in my pile of UFO/WIPs I have plenty of items that use blended threads. The one I'm working on semi-currently is Misty
Morning Vineyard. Specifically the peacock uses blended threads.My normal modus operandi is to blend as needed. That way I don't get it all tangled and I don't have much leftover when I'm done that I won't use. If I have some left over after working within an area and I know I'm going to need it again, I'll store the left-overs in a small bag with a label telling me what blend it is.

In doing the peacock I decided to work the body in over 1. That meant that I had to strip my silk threads and reply them to get the blended portion. It's a bit time consuming, but the result is, I must say, magnificent and worth the extra time and effort.
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